Vaping Diaries #273: Beyond Vape / Aria Built Edison Tan Interview (Vapecon USA)

Beyond Vape is one of the most aggressive and successful American companies in vaping. As a vaper, I appreciate that Beyond Vape — and its high-end Aria Built line — reaches a wide variety of vapers through a wide variety of products. From inexpensive mods geared towards beginners and intermediate vapers to high-end gear aimed at vapers that value build quality and performance, Beyond Vape and Aria Built has it all covered. At Vapecon USA, I caught up with Beyond Vape’s Edison Tan to chat about three products in the Aria Built lineup.

Naturally, we spoke about the made-in-the-USA Oros mod. When I chatted with Beyond Vape co-founder Billy Chen in May, the Oros was still being prototyped. The mod has landed and has been receiving great reviews. If you’re looking for a high-performance copper mod with minimal voltage drop then you should definitely check out the Aria Built Oros.

If you’re into hybrids then the Aria Built Hyperion could be a great choice for you. Made primarily from gold-plated brass, this hybrid reminded me of C3PO. It features a T-shaped positive post that gives vapers a lot of versatility; from single-coil builds to quad-coil beasts, the Hyperion can handle anything you throw at it. Since it’s a hybrid, expect great performance from this all-in-one setup.

Last, but certainly not least, Edison told me about the Aria Built Orion atomizer. This rebuildable atomizer was made specifically for vertical-coil builds. It has deep, kidney-shaped juice wells that help keep refilling to a minimum. The positive post features a big block of metal that allows for easy building and also fills out the chamber, allowing for more flavor. The Orion is one of the more original atomizers I’ve seen in 2014. On paper, it should deliver a great combination of flavor and vapor.

Check out my chat with Edison to learn more about these three Beyond Vape products in the Aria Built line.

Beyond Vape Aria Built Oros Interview

Vaping Diaries #226: Beyond Vape Neptune Review

Vapers looking for a relatively inexpensive all-in-one solution should take a look at the Beyond Vape Neptune. This hybrid dripper offers sharp looks and strong performance at a relatively low price (for an original product that’s not a clone). Available in a variety of colors, there’s bound to be a shade that’s right for you. While this hybrid dripper brings a lot to the table, there’s one aspect of the device that could make it a poor choice for certain types of vapers. Read on for more details on the Beyond Vape Neptune.

Design and Ergonomics: The Beyond Vape Neptune’s body features a modular design. Pieces of the main body can be mixed and matched, allowing the device to accept batteries as small as 18350 and as large as 18650.

Since it uses a hybrid setup, the device is relatively short no matter what type of battery you use. It’s made primarily from 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, which is lighter than the brass, copper, and stainless steel used in most mods. Fans of short and light vaping devices will definitely enjoy the way the Beyond Vape Neptune feels in hand.

The atomizer portion of the Beyond Vape Neptune is fairly basic. It features three posts, for easy dual-coil setup, and a decent juice well. Airflow is totally basic, with two fixed holes on the top cap. Vapers that prefer adjustable airflow for different builds or different juices will find the atomizer rather spartan.

Lastly, the button on the Beyond Vape Neptune uses a medium-to-stiff spring with a relatively short throw. While I enjoyed the device’s throw, I wish it had a lighter spring. My preference is for feather-light buttons with extremely short throws. While I wasn’t unhappy with the device’s button, it didn’t impress me either. Button feel is, of course, totally subjective and I’m sure that many vapers will be pleased with firing mechanism on this device.

Build Quality and Construction: For the most part, I was pleased with the Beyond Vape Neptune’s build quality, but there’s one major caveat, which I’ll get to at the end of this section. Out of the box, the threads on the device are heavily lubricated. After a thorough washing, I was happy to see that the threads are fairly smooth.

The atomizer portion of the device is also well made. I’ve heard second-hand that some Beyond Vape Neptune units have inconsistent post holes, but I didn’t encounter that issue. The post holes on the device I’ve been using were accurately placed.

One possible issue with the Beyond Vape Neptune is its use of aluminum. While it’s a strong and light metal, it’s also relatively soft. The device uses a thin cut of aluminum tubing. This makes it a poor choice for clumsy vapers or those that tend to beat up their gear. If you drop it on concrete then you’ll have a nasty dent on your mod. If you’re not mindful when screwing and unscrewing the mod then there’s a good chance that you’ll wear out the threads. While there certainly are some advantages to its light and thin aluminum body, the Beyond Vape Neptune requires a little more care than a brass, copper, or stainless steel mod.

Performance: Thanks to its hybrid design and aluminum construction, the Beyond Vape Neptune is a very strong performer. Going off of raw materials, aluminum is more conductive than brass and stainless steel, though not as conductive as copper. The device uses silver-plated brass contacts for additional performance gains (and easy care). Of course design and workmanship also factor into performance, and the device does well in those departments. Vapers looking for a high-performance setup at a relatively low price will be happy with what the Beyond Vape Neptune offers.

Beyond Vape Neptune Review

Verdict: The Beyond Vape Neptune brings a lot to the table for only $150. It’s an original product that offers quality construction and great performance. It comes in a variety of colors, making it a nice choice for vapers that want a device that stands out. While it’s possible to buy a clone mod and clone atomizer for less money, there aren’t many combinations out there that offer this level of performance and construction. One mistake I often see with the Beyond Vape Neptune is vapers dismissing the device because they forget that it’s a hybrid. For $150, you get a very good mod and a decent dripper. As long as you can adequately care for its thin aluminum body, the Beyond Vape Neptune is a great choice for a first mechanical device and for vapers that want to add a splash of color to their collection.

Vaping Diaries #213: Beyond Vape/Aria Interview

Last week I dropped by Beyond Vape to chat with company co-founder Billy Chen. In addition to running several successful stores around the country, the company has a number of products under the Beyond Vape and Aria brands. In the interview above, Billy talks about some of the company’s upcoming vaping devices and accessories. From mechanical mods, DNA 30 devices, and protectivecases, Beyond Vape has a ton going on. Prototypes of the upcoming Oros, Hyperion, Sage, and Luna vaping devices are discussed and shown in the video. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Neptune (Beyond Vape) — This hybrid dripper features strong performance and solid build quality at a relatively inexpensive price.
  • Sage (Beyond Vape) — This mechanical mod retails for $85 and is aimed towards vapers that want high performance without a high price.
  • Luna (Beyond Vape) — A sleek DNA30 vaping device, the Luna should retail under $200, making it less expensive than competing DNA30 devices. One cool and practical features is its MicroUSB port, which lights up to let you know when the battery is being charged.
  • Oros (Aria) — This copper mechanical mod is made-in-the-USA and offers killer performance. A well-known gentleman from the popular CaliVapers forums tested the Oros and found that it had extremely low voltage drop.
  • Hyperion (Aria) — A hybrid dripper, the Hyperion is like the Neptune’s more luxurious cousin. If the Neptune is a great Honda then the Hyperion is a slick Acura. The Hyperion’s tube, atomizer cap, and drip tip are plated in 24-karat gold.

Beyond Vape and Aria have a wide range of products in its 2014 lineup, aimed towards novice and veteran vapers alike. Whether you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, a mod with unmatched performance, or a hybrid the screams luxury, the company has you covered. Be sure to check out the interview above and when you have a chance, please let me know which Beyond Vape/Aria product you’re most excited for.

Beyond Vape Aria Oros