Pokemusings Pokemon Go Edition: Understanding Breakpoints

Pokemon Go Pokemusings Breakpoints

With Rayquaza raids coming back to Pokemon Go, some local trainers have been wondering what counters to use. Thankfully, the recent Swinub Community Day gave trainers access to the best Rayquaza counter — Mamoswine with powder snow and avalanche. Having the right Pokemon is essential, but how much should it be powered up? Enter breakpoints.

What Are Pokemon Go Breakpoints?

A breakpoint is the level required for a Pokemon to do additional damage. Damage calculation in Pokemon Go is rounded and doesn’t scale linearly. For example, a 15-attack Mamoswine at level 26 does the same damage against Rayquaza as a 15-attack level 28 Mamoswine. Powering up a 15-attack Mamoswine to level 29 allows it to inflict more damage than its level 26 or level 28 counterparts.

Trainers can optimize a team by seeing the amount of damage their Pokemon will do against a specific boss using handy tools like Dominkzen.com. This allows trainers to efficiently use stardust and candy. To help you understand breakpoints a little bit better, let’s stick with the Mamoswine vs. Rayquaza matchup.

How To Calculate Pokemon Go Breakpoints

Using Dominkzen, you’ll need to know your Pokemon’s stats, your Pokemon’s moves, and the raid boss you’re fighting. In this example, you want powder snow/avalanche Mamoswine against Rayquaza.

Here’s a link to the breakpoints for a 15-attack powder snow/avalanche Mamoswine under sunny conditions and with a best-friend bonus. Looking at the chart, two best friends with six of these Pokemon could take on Rayquaza without having to use much stardust and candy. The level 21 breakpoint is easily achievable for a low cost.

Of course if you want to do more damage for the sake of bonus balls (or if you’re raiding with people that use Aggrons like idiots), the chart shows additional breakpoints of levels 24.5, 29, 37, and 40. Your Mamoswine won’t inflict additional damage until it reaches one of those levels. Powering it up to a level in between breakpoints does nothing for its offensive output.

Why Use Breakpoints?

Many Pokemon Go trainers power up their beasties to randomly high levels that sound good in their heads. Knowing breakpoints allows you to power up Pokemon to a level with tangible benefits and avoid needlessly spending stardust/candy. With stardust being the most precious resource in Pokemon Go, most players would benefit from efficient use.

Using tools like Dominkzen or any other breakpoint calculator helps you efficiently assemble the best team required for a specific raid boss while using the least amount of stardust and candy. That’s powerful information to have.