New Fantastic Four Trailer is Surprisingly Cool

Fantastic Four 2015

I know that many of you are down on the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, but the latest trailer just might get you interested. It’s very cool — surprisingly so. The tone seems correct, the special effects look great, Kate Mara (the sugar mama of my dreams) is hot, and Dr. Doom looks bad-ass. Yes, it’s only a trailer and Fox has botched this franchise before, but the latest Fantastic Four trailer has me slightly hopeful.

For me, the movie hinges on Dr. Doom. I absolutely hated how he was portrayed in the previous movies. Dr. Doom is absolutely not an evil businessman, as played by Julian McMahon. The comics have him as a really unique mix of science and sorcery (and mommy issues). Even though the trailer was better than I was expecting, I was dismayed to find out that the upcoming Dr. Doom is Victor Domashev, an evil programmer, rather than Victor Von Doom, the megalomaniacal scientist/sorcerer we’ve known and loved for decades.

That said, my expectations for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie were so low that the new trailer was a pleasant surprise. Perhaps that’s the best way to approach the movie — expect mediocrity (or worse) and be happy if the movie is above average (or better). Yeah…that’s probably the way to go.

If you missed the first trailer, give it a look here. After you’ve watched the new trailer, kindly share your thoughts on it in the comments section. Are you hopeful that the third time will be a charm for the Fantastic Four? Or do you think it’ll be another hot mess from Fox?

2 thoughts on “New Fantastic Four Trailer is Surprisingly Cool”

  1. This looks horrible. Dr. Doom looks badass? A half second half head shot? I think you have hyped yourself up too much on this. I can’t get behind the evil programmer. I imagine him creating complex algorithms on the fly to enhance himself (CSI reference).

    Best part of this trailer is that it has Freddie from House of Cards. I’ll skip this movie.

  2. Yes, the quick shot of Doom looked exponentially better than the mask from the last two movies, which looked a prop from a high school play. Similarly, Thing actually looks like rocks in the trailer, as opposed to plastic in the last movies. Overall, I really liked the effects.

    As for “hyped,” I wouldn’t say that at all. I’m hardly sold on the movie. The trailer was much better than I was expecting.

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