Vaping Diaries #268: Infinite Mod & CLT v2 Plus Atomizer Interview (Vapecon USA)

Infinite is known for making high-quality clones of well-known mods and atomizer. Vapers looking for a bargain, often go with the company’s replicas. Vapers that have issues with clones mostly avoid the company. At Vapecon USA 2014, Infinite showed off two products that appeal to both types of vapers. The Inifnite Mod and CLT v2 Plus are original products that will be available at a low price. Checking them out quickly at the show, I was impressed with their combination of features and quality.

Cloud chasers at Vapecon USA made a B-line for the CLT v2 Plus, so much so that it sold out the first day of the show. This Infinite atomizer offers a versatile deck that can accommodate a wide variety of builds, a deep juice well, massive airflow, and a top cap that integrates a wide-bore tip for additional vapor production. It combines features of the popular Tobh and Helios atomizers. For cloud chasers on a budget, the CLT v2 Plus looks like a fantastic choice.

Vapers that want an elegant mod for a low price will want to check out the Infinite Mod. This copper beauty has a magnetic switch and can accept the three most common 18xxx vaping batteries. What impressed me the most about the Infinite Mod was its seems. Even though this is a modular mech, you can’t see the seems. The practically transparent lines reminded me of the ones on JD Tech’s excellent Stringray X mech.

Check out my chat with Infinite manager Jeffrey Wong to learn more about the mod and the atomizer, and stay tuned for a review in the near future.

Infinite CLT v2 Plus atomizer

Author: RPadTV