Vaping Diaries #215: 4Kast Vapor Drip Tip Interview

Several weeks ago I met Justin Kelley, co-owner of 4Kast Vapor, and was surprised by his drip tips. 4Kast Vapor has launched with drip tips made from bullet shells, with a pressed delrin core. Drip tips made from 9mm and Smith & Wesson 40 caliber bullet shells are obviously cool, but the pressed delrin core makes these drip tips unique. 4Kast Vapor drip tips are fantastic for sub-ohm vapers; the delrin core is great at dissipating heat and also features wide bores for maximum airflow.

4Kast Vapor drip tips are currently available in brass and nickel finishes. In the interview above, Justin details an upcoming drip tip called The Gambler. It also features a pressed delrin core, but has a copper shell. The outside features the four suits of playing cards, as opposed to a laser etching of Kenny Rogers’ face.

Check out the interview above to learn how 4Kast Vapor got started, the labor-intensive process of making the company’s drip tips, and other details. 4Kast Vapor drip tips are currently available at Vape Citi and other fine stores. Special thanks to Vape Star Koreatown for letting Justin and me film at the shop!

4Kast Vapor interview

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