Vaping Diaries #204: Is Temperature the Future of Digital Vaping?

Through lots of experimentation, many longtime vapers have an understanding of volts, watts, and Ohm’s law in the context of vaping. They know that 4.2 volts works best for them with a 1.8-ohm clearomizer. They know that savory e-liquids taste better to them at 13 watts or higher. For these types of vapers, digital vaping devices make sense because they had to take time to understand the numbers and how it relates to their vape.

Would a digital vaping device that measures output in temperature make more sense? Would the context be easier for vapers of all experience levels to understand? I’m asking you these questions because I know of two vaping companies that are working on chips for digital vaping devices that measure output in temperature. Please keep in mind that I was only given surface-level information on these conceptual devices; I have no idea how they would work or even if they work at all. What I do know at this time, is that there at least two companies that believe temperature is the future of digital vaping.

For new vapers, temperature makes total sense. 25 degrees celsius or 98 degrees (the temperature, not the crap boy band) fahrenheit are more relatable measurements than 3.9 volts or 14 watts. It’s easier for the former numbers to mean something to new vapers. Measuring output in temperature makes sense for longtime vapers too. Similar to how variable-wattage devices take the math out of vaping, a digital vaping device that uses temperature would do the same, but with an output number that would make more sense to more people.

One of the issues for many longtime vapers is that they’re already used to the current paradigm. They know that they’re primarily a five-volt vaper or a 15-watt vaper. Introducing a new standard would throw them for loop, even if the new numbers made more sense. Still, I don’t think a new system would take much time to understand — especially one that uses a relatable metric like temperature.

I’d love to get your thoughts on digital vaping devices that measure output in temperature. Would you be interested in something like that? Do you think temperature makes more sense than volts or watts? Or do you think that these devices will lose out to the current variable-voltage and variable-wattage models?

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  1. As one who uses primarily unregulated mods, I’d be curious to know what temperature ranges we’re talking about… meaning, volts ranging from 3.3 to 5.0 equals what range of temperature.

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