Vaping Diaries #201: Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors Interview

It’s always fun catching up with the crew from Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors. My previous chats with CEO Strek Gauthier, COO Dr. Mike Gauthier, and mixologist Ricky Medina are some of my favorite vaping interviews onĀ RPadTV. Recently, I caught up with them at Viper Vapor LA to learn more about the new flavors in the Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors lineup, how the company comes up with its e-liquid names, and juice flavors on the horizon. The three new flavors are:

  • Dragon: A delicious blend of mangosteen and dragon fruit. As a big fan of mangosteen, I…accidentally vaped an entire bottle of the juice before filming b-roll for this interview. Ha!
  • Fury: A banana-milk medley that will appeal to fans of creamy fruit blends.
  • Fortune: A natural lychee e-liquid geared towards vapors that prefer a fresh lychee taste over canned or candied versions of the fruit.

Check out the clip above to learn more about these e-liquids, as well as the nutty flavors Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors is working on. Special thanks to Tiffany for letting us hang out at Viper Vapor LA!

Dr. Mike's Rad Vapors Fortune Fury Dragon

Author: RPadTV