Vaping Diaries #189: What is Vapers Exhibit?

I’ve posted a bunch of interviews from the first Vapers Exhibit trade show in Ontario, California. Now it’s time to learn more about the show itself. I chatted with LNG Investments (the company Vapers Exhibit) CEO Lino Geaga to learn how the show got started. Originally, it was going to be a fairly standard vape meet that took place at a store. Things grew so quickly that LNG had to rent space at the Ontario Convention Center. One aspect of Vapers Exhibit that makes it stand out is that some proceeds from the show are donated to charity. In the case of the Ontario show, a donation to the American Cancer Society was made.

Coming up in June is Vapers Exhibit Las Vegas, which should be three times bigger than the Ontario show. Lino hopes to hit up different regions of America on a quarterly basis and eventually take the show to other countries. I pitched him on the idea of Vapers Exhibit Phuket. A vaping convention in Thailand would completely rule.

Anyway, check out the clip above to learn more about Vapers Exhibit and LNG’s plans for the show. And be sure to bug LNG on social media to make Vapers Exhibit Phuket a reality!

Vapers Exhibit Ontario flyer

Author: RPadTV