Vaping Diaries #176: Vaping Utopia Ronald Cachero Interview

Vaping Utopia is a relatively new e-liquid company that has been getting a lot of buzz. The company is off to an exciting start, with its Shangri La flavor getting strong reviews. Vaping Utopia makes natural-tasting juices that are made in the USA. Its e-liquids don’t contain any preservatives and additives. The flavoring components it uses were made with inhalation in mind, as opposed to many food flavorings used in e-liquids that are made for digestion. The juices come in square glass bottles that feature designs from local artists. The artwork on the “white label” series comes together to form Voltron a continuous image.

I recently caught up with Vaping Utopia executive director Ronald Cachero to learn how the company got started, learn more about its juice making philosophy, get descriptions of the company’s four initial flavors, and to see what’s coming next. Full disclosure: I know Ron from the excellent CaliVapers forum and our mutual buddy Marie Alvarez.

Check out the interview above to learn what Vaping Utopia is all about and stay tuned for a review on these juices in a future Vaping Diaries. Special thanks to Vaping Ape LA for letting us hang out and film there.

Vaping Utopia Ronald Cachero interview

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Author: RPadTV