Preacher Coming to AMC (Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg)

AMC has announced that it’s producing a television adaptation of the outstanding Preacher comic book. Written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Steve Dillon, Preacher tells the tale of Jessie Custer, a Texas preacher suddenly imbued with a spiritual force that’s a threat to God. Meanwhile, the Almighty has abandoned heaven, leaving the afterlife in disarray. Custer makes it his mission to find God (literally), while forces — both good and evil — are out to stop him. Along the way, he encounters numerous colorful characters that make his adventure bizarre, twisted, dramatic, and all kinds of entertaining.

The AMC adaptation of Preacher will be written and produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The two are known for their side-splitting comedies, including SuperbadPineapple Express, and This is the End. They’re also big-time fans of the source material. Here’s a quote from the duo via IndieWire:

This is amazing! We’ve tried for seven years to work on Preacher and we’re so psyched AMC is finally letting us. It is our favorite comic of all time, and we’re going to do everything we can to do it right. Humperdoo!

As many of you regular RPadholics know, Preacher is also one of my all-time favorite comics. Ennis’ writing is superb throughout the series. His story is a unique mix of drama, humor, violence, and flat-out wackiness. I’ve always been impressed by how he deftly incorporated drastically different elements and made sense of it all. I mean, how do you use a stone-cold serious character like the Saint of Killers and a completely ridiculous fellow like Arseface in the same comic? On paper, you can’t, but Ennis pulled it of marvelously for one of the greatest comics ever made.

So yeah, as a fan of the source material and the Rogen/Goldberg duo, I am completely psyched for AMC’s Preacher. How about you? Do you think it will play on television? Any casting ideas? I vote for Colin Farrell as Cassidy! Please, please share your thoughts on AMC’s Preacher in the comments section.

Source via Shooter McGarvey

Author: RPadTV