Amazon Acquires Developer Double Helix, Amazon TV Box Next?

Amazon has acquired independent videogame development studio Double Helix Games. According to Wikipedia, the studio’s credits include Killer Instinct (Xbox One), Battleship (PlayStation 3/Xbox 360), and Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (PlayStation 3/Xbox 360). While the move indicates that Amazon has aggressive gaming plans up its sleeve, there’s all sorts of speculation about the nature of those plans. Some pundits have postulated the Amazon will be making a videogame console, others believe that the company will have its own line of television sets with embedded videogame capabilities, and some believe that an Amazon set-stop box is on the way.

Personally, I believe a set-top box makes the most sense. I don’t see compelling reasons for Amazon to get into television hardware. A gaming-focused box doesn’t make much sense either. A streaming-Internet box (think Apple TV or Roku) that uses Amazon’s custom version of Android (see Kindle Fire) and revolves around Amazon Prime Instant Video content could be compelling. The company has tons of great movies and television shows available through streaming. Add some original gaming content to the mix and an Amazon Internet streaming box could be a big hit.

Then again, a box might not be necessary at all. Amazon Prime Instant Video is already available in hundreds of televisions from several top manufacturers. Perhaps a more robust embedded service that includes games is the next logical step. The issue here is inconsistency; I’ve seen Amazon Prime Instant Video apps run smoothly on TVs and I’ve seen them run like garbage. Controlling its own box with set hardware specs and a clear path to software updates would allow Amazon to offer a more consistent experience.

Now it’s your turn to speculate and get in touch with your inner Michael Pachter. Why do you think Amazon acquired Double Helix? Do you think the company is on the verge of offering an Internet TV box similar to Apple TV or Roku? Would you be interested in an Amazon box that offered Amazon Prime Instant Video and original videogame content? Share your sage thoughts in the comments section (please!).


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One thought on “Amazon Acquires Developer Double Helix, Amazon TV Box Next?”

  1. I’d probably want more information before I can officially get excited. I need to know what other apps the Amazon box would support (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.) and how much it would cost. If they give it the versatility of its competitors and price it around $50, then I would buy it.

    The games would just be an added bonus, since most of my gaming is done on consoles where there is more variety and a better online community.


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