Vaping Diaries #155: E-Kustoms Atomizer Caps Review (Nimbus, Patriot, Igo-W)

If you’re looking for a way to change up the look of your rebuildable dripping atomizer then you should consider E-Kustoms atomizer caps. Available in clear acrylic, acrylic with metal accents (brass or copper), and lead-free brass, E-Kustoms atomizer caps are a great way to spruce up the looks of your Nimbus, Igo-W, or Patriot atomizer. These products are made by a gentleman in Southern California and are geared towards enthusiast vapers. While they’re on the pricey side, many vapers will enjoy what these caps bring to the table.

Acrylic caps are currently the hotness in the SoCal vaping scene. It’s just very cool to be able to see the deck of your atomizer and watch the vapor in your chamber. On the practical side, you can see when your coil is getting dry and seeing the coil(s) makes it easier to lineup your air holes perfectly. I was particularly high on the E-Kustoms atomizer caps with copper accents. They look brilliant on copper mods like the El Kapitan v2. They’re also well made; they slip onto atomizers easily and stay on securely.

Vapers that are concerned about safety needn’t worry about these caps melting. I tested two acrylic caps with dual-coil builds in the 0.4 to 0.5 range and they were just fine. To my surprise, they were also resistant to juices that crack polycarbonate tanks. Somewhat foolishly, I vaped 2ml of Ahlusion Cherry Cola, which I’ve cracked polycarbonate tanks with. The E-Kustoms atomizer caps stood up to the juice just fine. That said, I wouldn’t recommend making a habit of vaping citrus or cinnamon juices with these acrylic caps.

The only downside to the acrylic caps is that watching your atomizer can be mesmerizing. While you might enjoy watching the vapor float in your atty and eventually condensate, you pretty much look like a tool. It’s all in good fun though. Even though I’ve been using these caps for a couple of weeks, the novelty hasn’t worn off. I still watch the atomizer after every four or five drags…and I look like a fool every time. Ha!

The lead-free brass cap is very classy looking. Naturally, it looks great on brass mods, but also changes up the looks of stainless steel and copper mods. Like the acrylic caps I tested, the lead-free brass model fit my Patriot perfectly. While it doesn’t have the novelty factor of the acrylic caps, the lead-free brass cap has a nice, understated appearance.

E-Kustoms atomizer caps are not cheap, but keep in mind that these are custom made to your preferences. The all-acrylic models are $30, while the acrylic caps with metal accents are $40. E-Kustoms Chris will drill out any size holes you wish, making them suitable for flavor fiends and cloud chasers alike. Like I mentioned in the intro, these products are geared towards enthusiasts vapers that don’t mind paying $30 to $40 for an after-market cap. I totally understand vapers that have a problem paying more for one of these caps than they did for an Igo-W. Having said that, I really like these products and recommend them if you can swing the price. They’re well-made products that are cool and fun. If you want a custom-made E-Kustoms atomizer cap then hit up E-Kustoms Chris on Facbeook.

E-Kustoms Atomizer Caps Review

Author: RPadTV