Vaping Diaries #144: Claudia Alan Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)

It was fun meeting model Claudia Alan at Vapetoberfest 2013. She was working for Vape Los Angeles at the show, promoting the new Oni mod. In addition to being a stunning young lady, Claudia Alan recently graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. As a former journalist, my past work¬†clearly inspired her and she was naturally drawn to me at the show (not really…on both counts). Before she starts her BroJo career, she’s taking some time to enjoy the life of a model. In addition to her Vape Los Angeles work, Claudia Alan is the spokesperson for Toyo Tires and has worked for Namco to promote¬†Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. That’s right, Claudia Alan has touched the lives of vaping nerds, comic-book nerds, and videogame nerds. She should get some sort of trophy for that. Ha!

Anyway, check out my Claudia Alan interview above. If you want keep up with her, check out her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Claudia Alan Toyo Vapetoberfest 2013b

Author: RPadTV