Vaping Diaries #139: Mad Scientist Vapor Eric Becker Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)

Mad Scientist Vapor is a Southern California e-liquid company with a culinary background. The owner, Eric Becker, ran a highly successfully bakery and transitioned into the e-liquid business. With its unique background, Mad Scientist Vapor does some unique things with its juices. Unlike most of its competitors, the company uses a specific PG/VG ratio for each of its juices in order to give each one an appropriate texture. With FDA regulation looming, the company is well prepared since its lab has high standards of cleanliness. Check out the video above to learn more about the company, hear a description of its flavor lineup, and hear about upcoming flavors.

On a side note, any company that name’s a juice Katy Perry’s Cherry is totally cool with me. Well done, Mad Scientist Vapor. Well done.

Mad Scientist Vapor Katy Perry's Cherry

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5 thoughts on “Vaping Diaries #139: Mad Scientist Vapor Eric Becker Interview (Vapetoberfest 2013)”

  1. I dont think im doing it right. I just went into the vaping place, which incidentally is the only place in the Richmond metro area that specializes exclusively in vaping merchandise, and asked for the closest thing to a marlboro light.

    Also, I had a crack in my pyrex glass tank thing that holds the liquid, so i have been alternating between vaping and smoking still. I am at least encouraged by the fact that I was using only the vaporizer for awhile, and It seems as though I have convinced myself that vaping is a legitimate alternative.

    1. Tobacco vapes are tricky. A lot of the use artificial flavors to replicate the taste of tobacco, but it’s impossible to replicate the burning flavor of tobacco. However, there are lots of fantastic juices made with extracted cigarette, pipe, or cigar tobacco. Ahlusion’s tobaccos are some of the best I’ve had — Blue Grass Burley, Sahara, Smooth Criminal, and really any of the aromatic line. has two juices made from real tobacco with a third hitting soon. Goodejuice Patriot is a favorite, but the company also has a juice called Analog that’s made with cigarette tobacco. Want2Vape has a number of excellent juices made with pipe tobaccos; for a cigarette-like vape, people dig Pure Smoke. I hope these suggestions help! I’d love for you to stick with vaping.

      1. Thank you, Ray, I will try the Pure Smoke I think. I would love to stick to just vaping, but I have had problems with my vaporizer. I actually enjoy vaping more than smoking at this point, I just have to get over the technical difficulties. I waste a ton of liquid when I refill, my battery has given me some issues and now with the glass tank cracking. I’ll get it. Thank you for the response and the recommendations!

      2. You should compare notes with N8R too. He’s become quite the avid vaper and he’s used carto/tanks more recently than I have. Cheers!

      3. Carto tanks give an aspect to the flavor I no longer enjoy.

        My best advice is get the super cheap plastic tanks to start. That way, if one breaks, you aren’t out the $30 for a pyrex.

        I have probably 7 or 8 tanks right now and one rebuildable dripper. 3 of those tanks works on the cartos… and were crazy cheap. I’m moving past them though.

        Batteries… I’m not sure what your rocking, but there’s a bit going on there. I had a little eGo clone that fell apart in my pocket. I kicked it to the curb and upgraded. The better mods seem expensive when you initially pay for them, but when you consider that it’s pretty equivalent to 2 weeks of Marlboro Lights, it lessens the blow.

        I feel you on the “enjoying vaping more” thing. I haven’t had a cigarette in a year and a half and I’m sitting at my desk in my office at work vaping as I type this. I couldn’t do that with cigarettes. I also now notice the smell of people who smoke… it’s not very inviting.

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