Thor: The Dark World Clip (Loki Rules!)

Here’s a a sweet clip fromĀ Thor: The Dark World that shows two things. First, it shows how pissed off Thor has become. In the past, he’s always held back in his fights against Loki because a part of him still loved his adopted brother. Those days are over and the thunder god is no longer putting up with Loki’s trickster ways. Secondly, it cements the awesomeness that is Loki. Tom Hiddleston plays Loki marvelously. He’s evil and conniving, but extremely charming. He’s the kind of bad guy that you want to have a flagon of mead with…while secretly worrying that he’s just getting you drunk in order to sleep with your sister. He’s one of the most entertaining villains in the history of comic-book movies and the clip below shows why.

Author: RPadTV