Plastic Piranha Jason Brice Talks Rekoil

Watch Plastic Piranha president & CEO Jason Brice talk about his upcoming game Rekoil. This first-person shooter for Windows PC and Xbox 360 emphasizes skill and balanced gameplay. In the interview, Brice talks about Rekoil’s various modes and different weapons, as well as what makes the game stand out from the competition. While I enjoyed several deathmatch rounds of the game, one of the things that charmed me about Rekoil was the little details. For example, it has a capture-the-briefcase mode instead of a capture-the-flag mode and it has black barrels that explode instead of those deadly red ones we all fear. Those flourishes aside, a lot of hardcore shooter fans have been high on Rekoil. While Brice agrees that it’s a “pure shooter,” he also explains why it’s great for casual fans of first-person shooters.

For more information on Rekoil be sure to check out this excellent preview on

Rekoil Preview

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One thought on “Plastic Piranha Jason Brice Talks Rekoil”

  1. I don’t see the allure here. Calling it a “pure” shooter does nothing for me. I’ve watched gameplay vids and while it seems like a solid shooter…but I prefer to unlock things. Honestly if CoD didn’t have prestige and unlocks I’d wager that its longevity would be in question.

    For the record: When I play CoD it is on hardcore mode only.

    Can’t beat the price here though.

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