Vaping Diaries #119: Rehab Vapors William Spallino Interview

One of the more unique companies I met with at ECC 2013, Rehab Vapors has some cool flavors and an interesting business model. The company donates 10 percent of its profits to detox-and-recovery programs. It’s awesome seeing a vaping company with charitable donations built into its business model. As for the flavors, Rehab Vapors has several interesting combinations that appeal to a broad range of vapers. Watch Rehab Vapors COO William Spallino talk about the company’s start, its approach to crafting e-liquids, the current flavor lineup, and more. You’ll also see one of the largest vaping devices made by man in this video interview.

Rehab Vapors e-liquids are available exclusively at Vape Revolution.

Author: RPadTV