Vaping Diaries #117: How to Properly Pronounce Innokin

Like many vaping reviewers, I’ve been very impressed by Innokin products. Unlike many vaping reviewers, I actually pronounce the company’s name correctly. This is something that has always bugged me; some of the most popular reviewers on YouTube butcher the pronunciation of Innokin. At ECC 2013, I caught up with Innokin deputy manager/vice president Haoran “George” Xia to get the official word on how to properly pronounce Innokin.

To me, it always seemed obvious that the company name was a play on the word innovation. For some reason, some reviewers (*cough* Phil Busardo *cough*) pronounce it In-NO-kin. You don’t in-NO-vate anything. Cool products aren’t in-NO-vative.

So consider this a public service announcement to all the YouTube reviewers that have been mangling the pronunciation of Innokin. Please say the company’s name right in your videos.

Author: RPadTV