Vaping Diaries #114: Nosty Inc Ross Deramos Interview

Here’s an ECC 2013 interview with Ross Deramos, owner of Nosty Inc. In addition to making popular e-liquids — many of which feature Filipino flavors — the company works in event promotion and fashion. In the interview, Ross talks about Nosty’s background, its current juice lineup, and upcoming flavors (more Pinoy e-liquids!).

On a side note, while RPadholic N8R was filming the interview, he was determined to buy Nosty’s Sexxxxx e-liquid. That way he could tell his wife that he paid for sex. Bwahahahahaha!!! (And also, I’m jealous that I didn’t think of that joke during the interview.)

As a Filipino-American, I was jazzed about Nosty’s success and am excited for more juices inspired by flavors from the Philippines. I’m also excited for Nosty’s fall clothing lineup. I need new shirts to wear on camera. Ha! (And also, *hint* *hint* *hint* to Ross)

Author: RPadTV