Vaping Diaries #112: Poet Electronic Nectar Randy Freer Interview

Out of all the e-liquid companies I chatted with at ECC 2013, POET (Pursuit of Excellent Taste) was one of the most impressive. The company takes a complex and culinary approach to making e-liquids. POET juices are not single-note flavors, but complex blends of multiple tastes. For example, POET CEO Randy Freer described his Americano Ciambella as his “morning drive.” It features maple, coffee, and tobacco flavors, as if you were munching on a maple bar, sipping a cup of joe, and smoking a cigarette during a commute.

In the video interview above, Randy talks about the company’s start, his philosophy on juice making, the POET lineup, and what’s next for the POET. I tasted several new e-liquids at ECC 2013 and POET’s were some of the most memorable. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this new company develops.

Author: RPadTV

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  1. Hello Raymond,
    Thank you for taking your time in coming to our booth at the EEC . I appreciate the the time you take in putting a quality product back out to the public. It was an honer to meet you and i feel proud to have had you showcase my product. I am humble as to your reference as my Nectar as being some of the most memorable at the show… Drop me an e mail ..Randy Freer

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