Vaping Diaries #110: Cartel Mods Gino Litonjua Interview

Cartel Mods is a relatively new maker of mechanical mods that’s taking a luxurious approach to vaping. At ECC 2013, I caught up with Cartel Mods’ chief mod maker Gino Litonjua to talk about how the company got started, its philosophy of mod making, the unusual quality of its stainless steel, and upcoming additions to the Cartel Mods lineup.

While most stainless-steel mechanical-mods are made with 303, 304, or 316L stainless steel, Cartel Mods uses the more expensive 904L stainless steel. This is the stuff that Rolex uses to make its watches. When you hold the Cartel Mods v1 in your hand, you can immediately feel the difference between it and a mod made from 300-grade stainless steel. It feels posh and menacing at the same time. It’s obviously an exquisitely crafted mechanical mod, but the heft…kind of makes you want to punch someone while it’s in your hands (remember, one of my fantasies is beating someone up with a Maglite).

Anyway, it was fun chatting with Gino and learning more about Cartel Mods. He’s a cool guy and a skillful DJ. Check out the video above to learn more about his up-and-coming company from Southern California.

Author: RPadTV