Vaping Diaries #96: Preview/Contest

Generally speaking, e-liquids made with naturally-extracted tobacco are my favorite kinds of e-liquids, so I was psyched to learn about The company, which just opened shop in July, specializes in vaping juices made from naturally-extracted tobacco. Its lineup includes a variety of e-liquids made with cigar, cigarette, and pipe tobaccos. If that’s not enough to get tobacco e-juice lovers excited, there are a few other things that make this company unique. gives its customers a choice between plastic dropper bottles or glass bottles with dropper tops. Most e-liquid companies offer one or the other. I love that this company gives you a choice between the two. That’s just smart.

What really makes unique is that it offers two types of tobacco-extractions methods. Heat extraction offers a bolder taste with more throat hit. This is a great choice for vapers that love in-your-face tobacco flavors. Those that want a more nuanced flavor can opt for cold maceration, which brings out the subtleties of the different tobaccos used.

Vapers that like to make their own e-liquids will appreciate’s DIY offerings. The company offers the extracts from its lineup. While they’re pricier than most DIY flavorings, it’s still a more economical way to vape. Plus, the company is one of two that I know of with an extensive line of naturally-extracted tobacco extracts.

While I’ve enjoyed what I’ve dripped so far, I’m still a few weeks away from a proper review of the e-liquids that I have. So let’s have a contest in the meantime!

Contest: Win Three Boge Standard Dripping Atomizers
To enter the contest, all you have to do is go to, peruse the menu, and leave a comment below with the flavor you most want to try and an explanation of why you want that particular flavor. It’s that easy!

[Edit: August 28 12:08PM] will also be providing a 30ml bottle of e-liquid to the winner!

Now for the boring contest rules:

  • Only one entry per participant
  • Contest closes on September 4, 2013 11:59PM PDT
  • Winner will be chosen with a random number generator
  • Must 18 or older to participate
  • Must have a U.S. mailing address to be eligible
  • RPad Productions Inc. is not responsible for the prize being lost or damaged by USPS

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33 thoughts on “Vaping Diaries #96: Preview/Contest”

  1. Big Spirit, because I’d like to PIF to Uncle so he can tinker with it to finally find his “True” menthol tobacco flavor. Any man looking for one thing for so long deserves to find it. Kinda like love……..nah, eliquid is better

    aka: l_strider_l

    1. AHHHH – Well if that is not showing the “love,” I do not know what is – THANKS (Insert a Smiley Blushing and a Facepalm here)

  2. WOW – Another contest by one of “Our” own – NICE . . .THANKS – “Raymond” . . . I do not remember who it was that told me, but I was directed to this site once before and have taken a very hard look at what they are offering again. Now – while I do see many choices – there seems to be only one for the “cigarette” smoker . . . SO – I would reallly like to try “Big Spirit” 24mg – maybe it will hit the one thing that seems to be missing for “Me” in becoming a full-time Vaper . . .

  3. I also vote for Borescoped’s “BA” Mango Vanilla since I like both mango and vanilla flavors. Cherry doesn’t do it for me and my taste buds are moving away from the strictly tobacco flavors.

  4. Chewbacca… only because I want to see how chewing tobacco would translate to a vape.

  5. Hey RPad! Thanks for having another contest! This site looks really promising for me. I, too, really enjoy a good extracted tobacco. Their entire pipe tobacco line looks delicious, especially the ones using cavendish. I am a big cavendish fan. It would be hard to narrow down which one to try first. The Dover looks really good, as does Chris’ Blend, but I think I would have to go with the Black Cavendish to try first. Why? KISS, of course! Anyway, thanks RPad! As always, you rock!

  6. Mango Vanilla sounds divine. I love fruits with vanilla but have never tried mango with it! thanks for the contest!

  7. I’ve tried all of their pipe tobaccos except for the Black Cherry and Borescoped’s Vanilla Mango, and I would say they range from fair to excellent. I’m not a huge fan of fruity tobaccos in general (with a few notable exceptions), but I’m a bit curious about the Vanilla Mango. Thanks for the contest!

  8. CONTEST UPDATE: has sweetened the pot and added 30ml of juice to the mix. That’s right, the winner will get three Boge atomizers and 30ml of excellent juice!

  9. Wooohooo, I’m not at home so i can access!
    My grandfather always smoked a dark, black-cherry pipe tobacco…I’ve always loved that smell.
    So Cold macerated Black Cherry for me,

  10. I’ve tried most of these juices and they are very good! I love the heat extracted Bourbon Seasoned cigar and want to try the cold version

  11. I’ve tried most of their pipe flavors, so Big Spirit would be my choice. By the way, I love it that you don’t actually vape in your juice reviews. Thanks for that!

    1. Thank you for thanking me. Vaping in reviews is a waste of time in my opinion. Some people say that they want to see it because it illustrates vapor production. Unless you’re filming under studio conditions with the exact same lighting every time, it doesn’t. Plus, people generally make stupid faces when they vape. Ha!

  12. Nice site and interesting tobacco choices. I would like to try the Chris’s Blend so I can teach myself more about decerning flavors and components of a good tobacco blend. I am new and looking to learn more.

  13. I’ll PIF my “Big Spirit” 24mg” to “Uncle” if it helps keep him from smoking!

  14. I would also like to throw my name into the hat, but also to PIF to Uncle. I know he has been searching for the right flavor. I hope the “Big Spirit” 24mg would be it.
    Thank you RPAD,
    Love your video reviews

  15. Hola RPAD!!! Thank you for another contest and great review! I’d like to try the: Borescoped’s “BA” Mango Vanilla !! (in 12mg) :)

  16. I would love to try Big Spirit because I have yet to find a vape I like and being only 30 days into vaping I want to try and find a vape closest to a cigarette flavor so I can continue to vape and not smoke and use that e liquid until i can find something else I can vape

  17. Great reviews and thanks for doing this! I’ve already got an order of Big Spirit coming in the mail (looking for that perfect analog replacement for a former American Spirit smoker), but I’d also really like to try out Chris’ Blend since it offers the cold maceration extraction method.

  18. Being new to vaping and trying to kick analogs I think all of their flavors would be worth pursuing.

  19. Well, I have tried almost all of them, and they have all been WONDERFUL so hard to say what i want to try the most. I am going off the reservation with Chewbacco. I want to try as I only chewed/dipped once in my entire life and I threw up…and because of the true uniqueness of this product on the current NET market. Plus a great name! CHEWBACCO

  20. Congratulations to Lisa! You’ve won three Boge atomizers and 30ml of juice from An email will be sent to you shortly.

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