What If…Thor Played Hulk Hogan?!?

A Hulk Hogan biopic is inevitable, but who in the world would be able to portray him on the silver screen? What actor has the combination of muscles, mass, and charisma to play the man that changed pro-wrestling forever and for better? If Hulk Hogan had his way, it would be Chris Hemsworth training, saying his prayers, and eating his vitamins in a Hulk Hogan movie. In an interview with the Canadian Press, the Hulkster said:

I think we need a serious, serious actor that knows what he’s doing. You know who I thought would be good? That guy that did that action movie, Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

I love it! Hemsworth has the charm and the physique to pull off Hulk Hogan. However, I wonder if he can mask his Australian accent while doing over-the-top promos in an American voice. I also wonder if comics fans that are wrestling marks will be able to block out memories of Hemsworth’s role as Thor while seeing him play Hulk Hogan. It would certainly be difficult for me. In my head, I see a mashup going something like this:

Wucha going to do, brother?!? When the largest arms in Asgard run wild on you?!?

And also:

Well you know mean Loki, Mjolnir is the mightiest hammer in the world, brother! And there’s no way Andre the Frost Giant can wield it, brother!

So what do you think of the idea of Chris Hemsworth playing Hulk Hogan?


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8 thoughts on “What If…Thor Played Hulk Hogan?!?”

  1. Its going to be tough to see him with the Hogan hairstyle. The scene id love to see re-enacted is Thunderlips vs Rocky

  2. “I am a real Asgardian”

    Yeah… the Austrailian accent would be the biggest obstacle to overcome.

    Just get The Rock to do it.

    1. “FINALLY!!

      The Rock has come back to Asgard! The Rock is back and is here to layeth the smacketh down on Loki’s roody-poo candy ass!”


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