151 Original Pokemon Drawn By 151 Artists Via Twitter

In one of the coolest Pokemon projects ever conceived, Justin Chan put together a collage of the 151 original Pokemon drawn by 151 different artists. The really cool part is that it was all organized over Twitter. In an amazing show of Pokemon love, all 151 Pokemon had assigned artists less than 24 hours after the project hit the Twitterverse. In less than 48 hours, 80 percent of the artwork was complete. In the immortal words of Brian Fellow, “That’s crazy!!!”

Check out a clip of the collage above and download the giant 27MB 8,800 x 6,800 file here. After perusing the image, kindly leave a comment and let me know which Pokemon drawings you like best.

Chan’s Pokemon collage project is an amazing testament to the power of Pokemon and the power of Twitter. I can’t wait for the Johto and Sinnoh versions!


Author: RPadTV


One thought on “151 Original Pokemon Drawn By 151 Artists Via Twitter”

  1. The power of Pokemon and the power of Twitter, you say? That sounds like something you could combine to make a legendary Pokemon I shall call “Twittoria”

    Twittoria’s moves would be “tweet” (duh), “drunk texting” (where she attacks, but regrets doing so two moves later), “Auto-correct” (a move that automatically changes to another move when you execute it), and “Public shame” (when your opponent messes up, this attack automatically unleashes a tidal wave of political correctness).


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