Vaping Diaries #80: eBaron Dripper Pro by Leo Review

The eBaron Dripper Pro by Leo is a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) that features great build quality, handsome looks, and versatile building options. It’s priced similarly to other high-end RDAs, but the cost is worth it — particularly for ProVari owners and/or vapers that are uncomfortable with the rebuilding process. After using the Dripper Pro for several months, I’m very impressed with it. It’s a great dripper for vapers that want a quality device and are learning the ropes of RDAs.

Build Quality: The Dripper Pro is made from 304 stainless steel. The threads are smooth and I haven’t had any problems with the O-ring after several months of use. It’s a well made RDA that’s built to last.

Design: This is a very handsome dripper with classy looks. Although it was made to match ProVape’s popular ProVari vaping devices, it looks great on many mods. The upper chamber is smooth stainless steel, while the base has a series of dimples, subtle branding, and a serial number.

Performance: The Dripper Pro hits like you’d expect any small RDA to. You get great flavor and vapor production, with more throat hit than other juice delivery systems. Yes, you can get comparable performance from drippers that cost less than $20, but with this device you’re paying for build quality and style.

Ease of Use: This is where the Dripper Pro gets interesting. It uses CE2 ceramic cups to hold the wick and coil. Experienced vapers can rebuild the whole thing. It’s recommended that you use resistance and non-resistance (NR) wire for building coils, which adds a step some people find complicated. It’s possible to use all resistance wire, but I don’t recommend it since the extra heat has the potential to ruin your O-ring.

Those that are uncomfortable with building coils for tight spaces can buy pre-made wicks with NR leads and extra ceramic cups. After placing the wick in the cup, you insert the wires, plop it down, cut the excess wick, and cut the excess wire. It’s a fairly straightforward process that many vapers can handle.

People that are completely uncomfortable with rebuilding can by whole cup/coil units. It doesn’t get any easier than this. You pop the unit into the Dripper Pro and cut the excess wire. This is a nice option for vapers that have difficulty with rebuilding, but want the full flavor of dripping.

Verdict: The eBaron Dripper Pro is a well made device that offers great flavor, vapor, and throat hit. I was impressed by its looks and performance, and really appreciate the versatile rebuilding options. While it’s true that you can get similar performance from a cheaper device like the Youde IGO-S or a number of China clones, you’re getting quality workmanship and sweet style with this dripper. For those that need it, this dripper offers completely simple rebuilding. Whether you’re an experienced vaper or just starting out with RDAs, the Dripper Pro is a great choice that will serve you well.

Author: RPadTV

2 thoughts on “Vaping Diaries #80: eBaron Dripper Pro by Leo Review”

  1. I just ordered an EBDP, largely on your review (really enjoy all of your vaping diaries/reviews btw). Do you have any advice on cleaning the coils or switching e-juice flavors with this dripper? Leo has a youtube video where he torches the wick, coil, and ceramic cup, but I’d rather not have to do all that. Thanks!

    1. Torching is actually pretty safe. You just have to be careful with the O-rings. If you’re not comfortable with that (totally understandable), you can always rinse with water, air dry, and dry burn the coils if they’re gunked up. If the coils are relatively clean, only the first two steps are needed.

      Thanks for reading/watching!

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