Vaping Diaries #77: Innokin iTaste 134 Preview

The Innokin iTaste 134 is one of the most unique vaping devices I’ve seen all year. This 18650-battery mod has extremely distinct looks, an unusual weight and heft for a digital mod, and an atypical slider to adjust wattage. It’s very cool and very macho, but there are a few things to think about before you plop down money for a pre-order.

The iTaste 134’s design is striking. It totally reminded me of Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s character in Predator. (The one that “Ain’t got time to bleed,” and proclaimed himself to be, “A goddamn sexual tyranasaurus.”) This is the vaping device that he’d use. It has very bold lines that give it a masculine appearance.

Vapers that prefer thin-and-light mods will find the iTaste 134 intimidating. It’s one of the largest and heaviest devices I’ve used. It’s even bigger than an Alt Smoke Silver Bullet with a Kick extension, a device many consider to be large. Personally, I prefer mods that have a nice heft, so I’ve been enjoying the iTaste 134. Keep in mind that I’ve only had it for a few hours. I’m curious to find out if the weight will bother me after extended usage.

To change the device’s output, you have to twist a sliding mechanism. This is common with smaller vaping devices, like the eGo Twist, but something I haven’t seen in a mod that uses 18650 batteries. The lowest setting is 6.5 watts. From there, you can adjust in 1-watt increments from 7-watts to 12-watts. The iTaste 134’s highest setting is 12.5 watts. While many vapers will be fine with this setup, those that like to fine-tune their wattage will have to compromise. Another factor to keep in mind is that while the slider mechanism makes the iTaste 134 very easy to use, it also means that the device can’t do things that those with digital screens can do, such as displaying resistance (ohms) and precise battery levels.

The iTaste 134 comes in a nice decorative box. Included are the unit and one iClear 30 clearomizer. Innokin is still determining the MSRP (which should be finalized next week). I’ve seen pre-orders for the iTaste 134 as low as $99 and as high as $160.

While this is definitely a very cool and very distinct device, I need to spend more time with it in order to judge its performance. Stay tuned for the full review in the near future.

Author: RPadTV

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