Vaping Diaries #66: A Visit to Planet Vape (Glendora)

During my road trip with Envision Vapor Rob, I hit up a new vape shop called Planet Vape. The store has been opened for a few weeks and had its grand opening this past weekend. In addition to a very cool “parlor” (or parlour, if you’re British) feel, I was impressed by Planet Vape’s hardware selection. Check out the photo gallery below and read on for more details on this excellent store.

The lounge area is comfortable and classy. The tasting area uses cushy bar stools, there’s a corner section with three comfortable couches, and center section with a high table adorned with a chess board. If chess isn’t your thing, there are a pair of televisions for you to enjoy. The TVs were playing ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption¬†while I was there, making it tough to leave (Tony Kornheiser rules!). The shop has a water cooler and teas for your to rehydrate with. Most vape shops I’ve been to offer water. It’s very classy of Planet Vape to go beyond plain old H2O.

Like most vape shops, Planet Vape has standard eGo-style e-cigs for people to buy. Generally speaking, these are the most profitable products for stores and the easiest to sell to new vapers. What floored me was the excellent selection of high-end mechanical mods available — very unusual for a new vape shop. The store has mods from the Philippines (Sentinel, Nzonic, TItan), Finland (Electric Angel), Thailand (Siam Mods Cube), and more. Also unusual for a new shop is the rebuildable atomizer selection; the Los Angeles shops that have opened in 2013 are still getting ready for the wick-and-wire crowd, while Planet Vape has had RBAs and RBA supplies from the get go.

E-liquid choices include juices from Black Label, Uncle Junk’s, Naughty by Vapor, Villain Vapor, and more. The overall selection is strong, but as a fan of NET (naturally extracted tobacco) e-liquids, the tobacco choices are thin.

For a vape shop that just opened, I was very impressed by Planet Vape. The staff is friendly, the vibe is comfortable and fun, the hardware selection is killer, and the juice choices are solid. It’s definitely a place that I want to hit up again. Hmmmm, I’m going to give Rob a call to see if we can find an excuse to head to Planet Vape. Ha!

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  1. It was a decent shop, overpriced and stuffy. It went downhill fast after the first year n a half tho. Their service was lacking and they had a unusual juice line up that was never consistent or in stock. The new owners who gutted the place and renamed it are doing well and I believe one of the best and largest shops in the SGV. I should go there more often considering the shop is within walking distance and situated 100ft. from my BOA.

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