Justice League Movie in Peril?

By the fire pits of Apokolips! Rumors are swirling that Warner’s Justice League move is falling apart. With Marvel (Disney) enjoying enormous success with The AvengersIron Man, and several other movie franchises, Justice League was supposed to be DC’s mega-team superhero blockbuster. Badass Digest’s Devin Faraci wrote:

I’ve now heard from multiple sources that the Will Beall script for Justice League has been scrapped. The story from each source is the same: it’s terrible. Some sources seem to think the whole movie is going to fall apart and never happen, while some believe that Warner Bros will keep moving forward, unwilling to lose the superhero arms race.

The studio has been unable to get the interest of a quality director, reportedly because of the script. Without a script and without a director, Justice League seems unlikely to meet a 2015 release. The question is will it ever be released at all?

I’m somewhat bummed by the news. While I enjoy all kinds of comics, I’m definitely more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy. It would have been awesome to see the Justice League hit the silver screen in all their glory. That said, I haven’t been satisfied with many DC movie projects. Super Returns was mediocre, Green Lantern was traumatizing, and The Dark Knight series was more of a Chrisopher Nolan franchise than a series of Batman movies (loved parts of it, other parts…not so much).While a Justice League movie has the potential to be awesome, I would prefer no movie at all rather than a Green Lantern-like crap fast.

Any of you bummed by this Justice League development? Do you think the movie will see the light of day? Or will it be totally scrapped?


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10 thoughts on “Justice League Movie in Peril?”

  1. i’m glad it’s being scrapped. it seemed to be a “me too!” like Playstation Allstars. I didn’t like the Avengers but they did do it the right way with the individual movies that tie in.

    I think this idea will be good in 10 years. No sooner. The world can’t take another damn batman reboot franchise.

  2. I will wait a couple extra years if Warner Bros thinks it needs more work but they have to release a Justice League movie because of the success of The Avengers

  3. I’d rather have them take their time to get it out. I am also a bigger DC mark than Marvel and would like the JL movie to blow the avengers one out of the water

  4. C’mon, man. Really?! How hard it it to take a good Justice League story and turn it into a two-hour movie? There are amazing JL stories everywhere! All you have to do is check out the top five and pick one that is the easiest to adapt to the big screen. Kingdom Come. Justice. Tower of Babel. Origin (a-la New 52). Zero Hour. Hell, they can even take a few of the animated JLU stories and try to adapt some of those.

    There is no shortage of good JL stories out there. Is there no talented starving screenwriter in Hollywood that can’t freaking adapt a screenplay to any of these stories? The work is half-done already.

    Also, I don’t think that the movie has to be an “origin” story. Everyone that is going to see the movie knows who Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are. They can easily do Kingdom Come (which is the opposite of an origin story) and it wouldn’t seem like an Avengers “me-too” movie where Superman gathers up all the heroes to fight Darksied’s invasion.

    Seriously; will somebody here write a JL screenplay off of a good existing story and mail it in to Warner Bros.?


    1. There are plenty of awesome Green Lanter stories too and they managed to screw that one up. *shrug* I completely agree that it should be easy, but Hollywood is pretty awesome and not giving fans what they want.

      1. Pick a story. I personally think that Kingdom Come would make a good movie. I’m not a big DC fan, so I probably don’t know a lot of the JL stories as well as other people here (*cough* Raymond *cough*), but I think most people here could adapt it to fit a two-hour movie or so. The less straying from the original material, the better.


      2. Kingdom Come would rule…intensely, but I don’t see it happening since it’s not part of the mainline DC Universe. I believe Kingdom Come is designated as Earth-22. I’m totally with you on less straying from the source. Let’s hope something good comes out of this!

      3. The problem with that is that The Avengers already did that… with style and across several movies. If JL goes that route, it’s going to look too much like a cheap Avengers rip-off.

        My idea is to work from the future and work your way back to the present. For Kingdom Come, it would have to be two movies since the story would be too long for just one film (I think). You start off with Norm McCay and The Spectre and from there, you move on to the rise of the new meta-humans and Magog. Then it’ll go to a retired Superman being visited by Wonder Woman. They start getting the old gang back together, etc., etc. (I’m not going to summarize the whole thing, but you get the point).

        That way, you’ll have the same “why-the-world-needs-the-JL” recruitment drive, but from the future perspective, and not the present. This story/movie has all the potential to blow The Avengers out of the water because the story is so profound and dare I say; unique. You have many different angles and a continued blurring of the line between “pure good” and “pure evil” that has the potential to make this a much smarter movie than most.

        All someone has to do is translate it into a screenplay and send it to DC. Personally, I would put a well-known and respected director’s name on the cover just to get their attention and read the damn thing.


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