Vaping Diaries #35: Sancia Smoke / Nashville Vapor Review

The e-liquid reviews continue with three Sancia Smoke juices. Available from Nashville Vapor, these e-liquids are “made in the USA from premium USA ingredients.” This review covers Watermelon Man, Varilla, and Old Time Root Beer. One of the juices was very good, one had a good taste that was somewhat ruined by an overpowering smell, and one was kind of flat. Here’s the breakdown.

Watermelon Man: First off, it was impossible for me to vape this juice without thinking of the Herbie Hancock song. That aside, this one surprised me. I usually prefer really natural-tasting fruit e-liquids. Watermelon Man isn’t quite natural, but isn’t obnoxiously sweet like most “candy” watermelon juices. It tastes similar to¬†Arizona Watermelon and beverages like that. It’s a nice, smooth blend with the right amount of sweetness for an all-day vape. This was easily my favorite of the three.

Varilla: This is a nice mix of banana, vanilla, and cream, with a flaw that almost ruins the overall experience. The taste reminded me of Now & Later and Laffy Taffy candies. I’m usually not big on candy-flavored juices, but I enjoyed the taste of this e-liquid. Unfortunately, the good taste was accompanied by a strong, perfumey smell. There were times I wanted to vape more Varilla, but the smell was bothering me. I haven’t encountered a juice like that — very strange.

Old Time Root Beer: This tasted more like a root beer candy rather than a gourmet root beer. I definitely prefer the latter. I enjoy root beer e-liquids that combine sweetness with spiciness and complexity. Backwoods Brew’s Root Beer does this superbly. This juice tasted flat to me. People that dig those root beer barrel candies will probably like this juice. Those that like root beer with a bite probably won’t.

Author: RPadTV