What Are You Playing This Weekend?

After a fun week at NAMM 2013, it’s good to be home and settled. Unfortunately, I’m way behind on my vaping e-liquid reviews. The juices have been vaped, but I need to film and edit a bunch of reviews. More hardware and juices are on the way, so I need clear out my backlog. So I’ll be spending a large chunk of the weekend doing that. Of course I’ll be gaming, but it’ll mostly be tablet stuff like Civilization Revolution on my iPad and Tai Pan on my Nexus 7.

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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One thought on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. I’ll be playing some Super Mario 3d Land and trying to finish the game up. There will probably be some Zelda: Four Swords mixed in there too since I got that as a free download on my DSi and transferred it over recently. Hopefully I will pick up New Super Mario Bros. 2 soon, as I am really looking forward to taking a look at the dlc. I absolutely love the idea of dlc on a handheld for certain games, especially since the pricing is reasonable compared to the cost of the game. Now if only Nintendo would decide to bring some dlc to Mario Kart 7, since new levels for that game would be a treat.

    I’m still not sure how I feel about SM3dL, as I’ve played maybe 2 hours total and I’m on world 4 of 8, not counting any of the secret worlds that come later on. I haven’t been trying to grab all 3 golden coins in each level, but the camera angle in the game along with the fact that the levels have depth is making me irritated at points when going for the side missions like that. As a result I’m finding myself not exploring the levels as much as I would like to. The camera angles seemed to be controlled much better in Super Mario 64 than they are here. I understand that the nature of the game is to be more of a side scrolling view, but honestly that just makes my movements cumbersome. The levels are fun and I actually like the 3d on this game, but I’ve had to take it in smaller doses than I have other 3ds and Mario games.

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