PlayStation 4 Being Announced on February 20?

Sony Computer Entertainment America released a teaser video for an event on February 20, 2013. Most pundits expect the company to unveil the first details on the PlayStation 4 console. What do you think? What do you want from Sony and its next console? In honor of those silly flame wars we used to enjoy together onĀ G4tv’s The Feed, “Fore!!!”

Author: RPadTV

8 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Being Announced on February 20?”

  1. Good. I’ll take first swing.

    If $ony doesn’t mention anything about having more bandwidth for their crappy online service then they can $%^& themselves. In fact they should write a check to whoever Microsoft uses for the godBox’s online infrastructure and such to get them with $ony.

    This f’n machine can have 12 quad core chips and 4gb of video memory…but will still suck ass if it takes an hour and half to download and install a 200mb patch on release day.

    1. I’m telling you, it’s a regional thing. I download here in Va at about 8mbs. I honestly don’t understand how Sony hasn’t gotten off their asses and fixed the bandwidth issues down there in the gulf coast.

      1. I chalk that up to Sony being too proprietary in their hardware. That logic stems to most of their products though.

        I’d like for them to forego an ARM architecture or any other homebrewed idea and just slap any nehalem or sandybridge equivalent in their machine. I’m tired of this AMD crap that companies want to use because it’s cheap. I sure as hell do not use an AMD machine for any of my PC gaming or multimedia needs. I like power, so that means I like Intel.

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