Noobz Available Now

The videogame movie Noobz is now available through iTunes and Google Play. If you want to check out the movie and support this site then kindly pick up the digital or physical version through Amazon (using the links in this sentence). Directed by and starring Blake Freeman, Noobz is a road-trip movie about a group of friends competing in a Gears of War tournament. The movie also stars the excellent Jason Mewes and the sexy Zelda Williams, with cameos by Adam Sessler and the legendary Casper Van Dien.

I’m a fan of Freeman and a total mark for Mewes. From my time on the set and chatting with Freeman, I appreciate that he treated gaming in a respectful and realistic way in Noobz. There are too many movies that have faked gaming and/or looked down on it. For several reasons, I hope this movie does well.

I’ll be watching the movie later this week. For now, check out the Noobz interviews below.

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