NAMM 2013: Vibrato Sax Polycarbonate Saxophones

One of my missions at NAMM 2013 was to find traditional musical instruments made out of non-traditional materials. Vibrato Sax’s polycarbonate alto saxophones certainly fit the bill. I interviewed company president Piyapat Thanyakij to learn more about these instruments. To get an idea of how they sound, my brother — jazz musician Reggie Padilla — put them through their paces.

Vibrato’s altos weigh about 1/3 of what a typical brass saxophone weighs, and they’re waterproof to boot. To attract younger players, Vibrato offers parts in various colors, allowing for bright personalization. These altos are also a compelling choice for older players looking for a travel saxophone. My brother was impressed by the sound, saying that it was very close to the output of a brass saxophone. He’s looking forward to the company’s upcoming tenor model.

This was easily my favorite NAMM 2013 video. It was fun working with my brother on a project and I was genuinely impressed by Vibrato. The company is based in Thailand, so hopefully I’ll get to stop by and see where they’re made the next time I visit my second home. Check out the video above and listen to my brother play a Vibrato Sax polycarbonate saxophone (please!).

Author: RPadTV

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