Vaping Diaries #30: Gaming, Tech, and the Janty MiD

As e-cigarettes become more and more advanced, mods that feature enhanced software and services will be more common. The Ovale eVic showed how devices can be used with PC software to enhance the vaping experience. The Janty MiD Series takes things to a whole new level. In addition to being able to work with Android and Windows software, the MiD has software add-ons you can purchase that extend its functionality. It also features user profiles and a community aspect. In many ways, the MiD has features that are new to vaping, but are things commonly found in gaming and consumer electronics. It’s like my worlds are colliding!

The MiD’s add-ons remind me of what has become a gaming staple: DLC. New customers will be able try out all of the device’s features out of the box, but for only 175 puffs. While the device should have enough performance and flexibility for most vapers, advanced options like realtime variable-voltage and realtime variable-wattage have to be purchased.

Profiles allow the MiD to quickly change settings to suit a different user or a different type of e-liquid. In some ways, this reminds me of a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 with multiple accounts on it. Say I’m vaping with Raina and she wants to use the MiD, but enjoys more watts than I do. Instead of having to go through the menus and change the settings, she can quickly change profiles so that it fires to her liking.

Then there’s the community aspect of the MiD, which reminds of communities based around certain consoles or smartphones. Janty gives its customers the option to share profiles and interact with other MiD users. Vapers can exchange tips on different gear, share videos, and more. Janty gets access to user information and habits, allowing it to improve this software-upgradeable vaping device based on user input.

Lastly, there’s the software aspect, which is something Joyetech/Ovale did first with the eVic. The MiD seems to give users more options and flexibility. More importantly (to tech nerds like me, anyway), the company has plans for an Android version. This is something I’ve been hoping to see. Vaping devices are portable. Smartphones and tablets are portable. I love the idea of having connectivity between my vaping devices and my smartphone. As a fan of Bill James (MLB) and John Hollinger (NBA), I welcome more vaping stats (though I’m not sure how useful they’ll actually be to me).

Here’s a lengthy rundown of the MiD’s features for those of you that are interested. As a gadget geek and a verbal entertainer, I’m really excited for the MiD. On paper, it’s a progressive and unique product that will push the boundaries of what a vaping device can be. That said, I have no idea how it will perform, how well its advanced features will work, and if it’ll be any good. I’m rooting for it to succeed, but expect some hiccups along the way. (Disclosure: Janty is based in the Philippines, so I’m a homer for the product for cultural reasons as well as tech-nerd reasons.) I should be reviewing the MiD next month, so stay tuned (please!).

Author: RPadTV