Vaping Diaries #28: Taste the Rainbow!

One of the biggest differences I’ve experienced during my switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping e-cigs is that I now I enjoy a wide variety of flavors. When I was smoking tobacco, I’d generally stick to one brand for months or years at a time. Over the years, I’ve alternated between Dunhill International Lights, Nat Sherman MCD, and Camel Turkish Silver. Vaping has been a drastically different experience. Although I started out having one flavor every few days, I now enjoy several different flavors throughout the day.¬†As I’m typing this article, my desk has vaping devices with Blue Grass Burley (tobacco), Boba Tea (Taiwanese dessert beverage), and Poppin’ Peach (fruit, duh) loaded. Vaping has allowed me to trade stinky and harmful tobacco cigarettes for a rainbow of fine flavors.

Part of it is that there’s so much more available. In addition to tobacco-flavored e-liquids, there are plenty of excellent beverage, dessert, and fruit juices out there. There are even strange and unusual ones, like absinthe, bacon, and crab juice. I’ve enjoyed things from Virginia tobacco to peach to rice pudding to cherry cola and more. It’s lots of fun hunting for new juices and trying out new ones. It’s cool being surprised by e-liquids that you didn’t think would translate well to vaping.

Another facet is that there are so many great e-liquid makers out there. Each one has its own style and it’s fun seeing different takes on the same juice. As a big fan of all things peach, I’ve enjoyed trying different takes on the flavor from Ahlusion, Backwoods Brew, and Orb Vapor. It’s interesting seeing what each company does with the peach flavor. Some go for a natural peach, while others go for something similar to a Peach Jolly Rancher.

As someone that grew up in New York, I’m frustrated that it’s so difficult to find a black-and-white cookie in California. I have high hopes that Alice in Vapeland’s B/W Cookie will satisfy that craving (and spare me the calories). Now I just need a vendor to make NY Pizza, NY Knish, and NY Bagel juices. Ha!

For all you lovers vapers out there, kindly share your experience with different flavors of vaping e-liquids. What have you liked? What has surprised you? Was there anything you thought you’d like but didn’t? Shout it out in the comments section (please!).

Author: RPadTV