Vaping Diaries #20: E-Liquids With Ganoderma and Vitamins

One recent trend with e-liquids is adding supplements to the usual blend of distilled water, food flavoring, nicotine (optional), propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. Some vendors are adding vitamins, while others are including more exotic herbal supplements. Purists scoff at these e-liquids, questioning whether they have any actual benefit. Others welcome anything that can make vaping healthier. Let’s take a look at two vendors that sell juices with atypical ingredients.

First up is E-Juice Plus. This vendor offers the option of adding ganoderma extract to its juices. Ganoderma is a mushroom that’s used by many Eastern doctors and practitioners of alternative medicine. While longterm studies are still being done, some people believe that ganoderma has antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, hypoglycemic, immuno-regulatory, and cholesterol-reducing effects. Some people use it to treat blood pressure, immune system, anti-inflammatory, and blood-sugar issues.

Fuzion Vapor is known for its creative juices with colorful names. Its Magnum P.I. juice has vitamin B12, while its Milli Vanilli juice has vitamin C. I have both juices steeping and hope that neither tastes like Tom Selleck, Fab Morvan, or Rob Pilatus.

I’m going to be reviewing juices from both vendors in the near future. While I’ll be judging them for their tastes, I’m curious to see if the supplements impact the vaping experience. As I mentioned earlier, there are some purists that believe these supplements offer no benefit and question how much can be absorbed through vaping. Others like that juice vendors are becoming more experimental.

What do you think of adding things like ganoderma and vitamins to e-liquids? Is it all hogwash? Or is it an exciting trend that can make vaping even better?

Author: RPadTV