Vaping Diaries #16: Totally Wicked Odyssey Review

For the last few weeks, I’ve been using the Odyssey e-cigarette from Totally Wicked. This is an unusual and beautiful vaping device that really stands out. What I mean by unusual is that unlike most vaping products (or products of any kind, really), it’s not made in China. The Odyssey was designed in the UK and is manufactured there as well. What I mean by beautiful is…well, just look at it. This is a gorgeous mechanical mod that’s made from steel and glass. Considering the top-notch materials and craftsmanship, the Odyssey comes at a surprisingly low $99.99 price (increasing to $119.99 on November 26, 2012). Let’s go through the details!

What’s in the Kit: Totally Wicked did a phenomenal job with the packaging. The presentation is really classy — I’m talking Apple-level classy. Inside the box you’ll find the e-cigarette, two 14500 batteries, a charger, a tank-filling tool, a registration card, a guarantee card, a certificate of authenticity, and one of the most detailed instruction manuals I’ve seen for a vaping device. The device is backed be an atypically long five-year guarantee.

Construction and Build Quality: This is easily the most outstanding aspect of the Odyssey. Most of the unit is made from 303 austenitic stainless steel, while the tank also features laser-cut borosilicate glass (often marketed as pyrex). The lines are smooth and clean. It’s just incredibly well-made and gorgeous. One thing to note is that the firing button/locking mechanism is very tight out of the box. It loosened up for me after a day of use.

Ergonomics: Using the Odyssey is unusual compared to other vaping devices. Due to its steel construction, the unit is heavier than it looks. The balance is also bottom heavy. Whereas you’d hold a cigarette or a similarly sized vaping device towards the top, you’re supposed to grip the bottom half of the Odyssey. The firing button is at the end of the unit and meant to be activated with your pinky finger. It felt odd, but I got used to it after a day. While I found the Odyssey comfortable and easy to use after a brief adjustment period, I can understand someone else finding the device too heavy.

Performance and Battery Life: The Odyssey produced consistent power for the first 3/4 of the included 900 mAh batteries. After that, there was a significant drop-off in power. With that in mind, it usually took three battery charges to get me through the day. Since the kit includes two batteries, I just swapped one out when performance started declining. Naturally, battery life depends on your vaping habits and the resistance of the cartomizer used. I tried the Odyssey with both single-coil and dual-coil cartomizers. For me, single-coil cartomizers in the 1.5-1.7 ohm range were definitely the way to go. The Odyssey uses a 510 connection. You can use it with standard 510 cartomizers and, if you take off the plinth, eGo-threaded products. This gives it some nice versatility.

Verdict: Looking at photos or video clips of the Odyssey doesn’t do it justice. Feeling the device and seeing it with your own eyes makes it seem like a steal compared to competitors. Keep in mind you’re getting a body that’s made from steel and a glass-and-steel tank; pyrex tanks alone can cost $40 to $50. The construction and build quality are brilliant. I’ve seen competing devices made of plastic and mass produced in China sold for similar prices. I’ve seen products made from inferior materials sold for twice as much. As far as fixed-voltage vaping devices go, this is one of the finest I’ve ever seen.

That said, it’s not for everyone. Although it didn’t bother me, I can see the device’s weight being a problem for some people. This also isn’t a device for demanding vapers that often change voltage or wattage. (On a side note, I’d love to see the Odyssey’s makers come up with a mod that’s compatible with the Evolv Kick for variable-wattage performance. That would rule me.) If a fixed-voltage mod works for you and you don’t mind having to change batteries once a day or more then you’ll be happy with Odyssey. It’s a beautiful and luxurious e-cigarette that comes at a surprisingly low price.

Author: RPadTV

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    1. Both, actually. The fun and tasty flavors can still have as much nicotine as you want. I’m trying to work my way down to 0mg. Right now I’m at 6mg if nicotine, which is really light.

  1. I have been using it for 3 days now and love the sleek lines. Only issue I had was that the internall firing pin was larger than the contact on the battery due to the plastic coating, a quick trim of the plastic fixed it. Weight is not an issue for me as I use a Provari.

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