Vaping Diaries #12: Ovale USA Emini Review

Here’s a stylish and unique e-cigarette that’s geared towards casual and social smokers: the Emini from Ovale USA. This vaping device comes with two batteries and a cool charging case that strongly resembles an Apple iPhone 4/4S. While it’s not powerful enough for hardcore vapors, it’s a compelling choice for social smokers that don’t want to fuss with charging cables and want a product that looks good. Here’s the rundown.

What’s in the Kit: The Emini comes with two batteries, a charging case, three e-liquid cartridges, two atomizers, two atomizer heads, a USB charger, and a wall adapter. The kit currently lists for $69.99 on the Ovale USA site.

Form Factor: The e-cigs are a little bit shorter than the standard ones offered by competing companies like Safe Cig and V2. They look like “real” cigarettes, which is good for people that want to blend in with smokers and want to vape without drawing attention to themselves. The charging case, which holds one battery at a time, is smaller than an iPhone 4. The setup is very much pocketable.

Performance: As far as the batteries go, the Emini performs inline with other automatic batteries for competing vendors. The draw is decent, while the vapor is good for this type of device. Each 90 mAh battery lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. The case is rated at 1,090 mAh, which is more than enough for the type of vaper this product targets. The charging case should provide enough power to get casual smokers through a day. If that’s not enough, the case can be recharged with a standard micro-USB cable.

Consumables: The batteries use standard Ego-C atomizer heads, which are common and easy to find. The e-juice cartridges are proprietary and costs $5.99 for a five-pack at Ovale USA.

Verdict: This is a really cool e-cig that’s stylish and practical. The charging case is super convenient. Personally, I prefer the Elips-C as far as smaller e-cigs go, but this is good choice for casual vapers that want something that resembles a tobacco cigarette. Remember, this product is not meant for heavy vapers; the battery life, vapor production, and draw won’t satisfy them. If you’re the kind of person that¬†occasionally¬†takes smoke breaks at work or wants to vape over drinks, the Emini’s looks and convenience will keep you happy.

Author: RPadTV