Farewell Nintendo Power

It was sad hearing that Nintendo Power will be shutting down. Millions of Nintendo fans have been enjoying the magazine since the late ’80s. Like Egon Spengler said in 1984, print is dead — especially for people that want to read about videogames and videogame-related articles. That said, there was just something comforting about having longrunning magazines like Nintendo Power around. Yeah, you knew that the book was on the decline and that it would eventually go away, but you got warm fuzzies whenever you saw the logo or saw it at a newsstand.

While I’ve purchased dozens of Nintendo Power issues over the years, I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought one. Saying that I will miss the magazine has an empty ring to it. It’s more like…I’ll miss the nostalgic bliss the magazine conjured.

Will any of you miss Nintendo Power? Share some memories of your favorite issues when you have a moment.

Author: RPadTV