Coffee Talk #498: Actors That Will Always Be…

Continuing a tangent started by RPadholic tokz21, I wanted to talk about actors and actresses that you’ll always see as one character. For example, Bill Pullman will always be Lone Starr from Spaceballs to me. No matter what movie or TV show Matthew Perry is in, it’s impossible for me not to see Chandler Bing…

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Let’s start off the day by discussing whatever is on your (nerd chic) mind. Every morning I’ll kick off a discussion and I’m counting on you to participate in it. If you’re not feelin’ my topic, feel free to start a chat with your fellow readers and see where it takes you. Whether you’re talking about videogames, the silly Dream Team vs. 2012 USA Olympic basketball team debate, iPhone 5 rumors, or Marissa Mayer leaving Google to become the new Yahoo! CEO, Coffee Talk is the place to do it.

Continuing a tangent started by RPadholic tokz21, I wanted to talk about actors and actresses that you’ll always see as one character. For example, Bill Pullman will always be Lone Starr from Spaceballs to me. No matter what movie or TV show Matthew Perry is in, it’s impossible for me not to see Chandler Bing from Friends. Tokz brought up Alison Pill from The Newsroom and seeing her as Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

The ultimate example of this (in my ridiculous head) is Lou Diamond Phillips. He will always be Ritchie Valens…or La BambaStand and Deliver?!? That’s La Bamba Goes to SchoolYoung Guns?!? That’s La Bamba Rides a Horse. I suppose Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker or William Shatner as Captain James Tiberius Kirk would have been easier examples, but La Bamba Goes to School is much funnier.

Anyway, kindly name some actors and actresses that you’ll always see in one role.

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  1. Mark Paul Gossellar is the first one that REALLY jumps out at me. John Cusack will always be "Lane Meyer" from Better off Dead. Ed O Neill will forever be Al Bundy.–Probably should have led with that one…

    PSA:— Need for speed: the run is 5 bucks today at best buy.

    1. So true. I cannot watch Ed O'Niell in anything without thinking: "I wonder if FOX will ever do a 'Married with Children' reunion special."


  2. William Shatner will always be T.J. Hoo- er, Captain Kirk to me.
    Patrick Stewart will always be Captain Picard. When he was sitting in Professor Xavier's wheelchair during the movies, I was dying for him to say: "Cyclops, set course for the Veridian System, warp 6; engage."

    Alfonso Ribeiro will always be Carlton Banks. Chevy Chase will always be Clack Griswald.
    Nicholas Cage will always be… well, he will always be himself, since that is the role he plays in every goddamn movie he's in.


  3. Mark Walhberg will always be Marky Mark, no matter how many movies he does. And, hey chicken, say hello to your mother for me.

    The Dream Team would kill the 2012 team. Who are these kids kidding. 11 Hall of Famers, and (for some reason) Christian Leatner. Go away. Just stop.

      1. They had Showtime on there as well. CP3 is good…but not that good.Sent from a device with horrible AT&T service.

      2. Whose place was Isaiah going to take?

        Magic? Stockton? They were already pretty set at the point.

      3. I don't think the place matters as much as Zeke simply deserving the spot due to missing the Olympics when the USA boycotted. Plus, he was always better than Stockton.

      4. Disagree. John Stockton was a better facilitator and a better defender. I understand your point, and i also understand that Zeke won 2 titles, but he didn't have to go through a prime Jordan to get there. Ironically, I think if you ask either of the two guys who the better player was, they would both point their finger at the other guy. Isiah gave Stockton's induction speech for the HOF even.

        I've just always preferred traditional point guard play. Point guards who put up 20 shots a game are USUALLY (not always) a detriment to a team. (Looking at you Marbury).

      5. At the time, Laettner was the collegiate player of the year and Final Four MVP, coming off back to back NCAA titles. He was supposed to be really, really good. Didn't turn out that way.

      6. Stockton was absolutely a better facilitator, but I disagree with your other points. I'd take Zeke on defense any day of the week. Stockton's best defensive tactic was kicking shins. I also doubt Isiah would say Stockton was a better player. His ego is massive. Additionally, going through good Celtics, Bulls, Lakers, and an underrated Trailblazers team for two rings is better than the zero that Stockton has.

        Isiah also never stooped to having his enforcer elbow Stockton. You can still see that scar Zeke has from Malone's elbow, which was a result of Isiah repeatedly blowing Stockton off the court.

      7. He didn't become the all time leader in steals, by a large margin, by just kicking shins.

        If Michael Jeffrey Jordan didn't exist, Stockton would have a few rings too, wouldn't he? I know that we both despise those Utah Jazz teams, but you honestly and objectively say that you'd put it past Isiah to tell Rodman, Laimbeer, or another guy off that "bad boy" Pistons team to level a guy out of spite?

        On top of that, the man is a terrible, terrible executive. That affects how I feel about a former player, (Jordan Included).

        I don't know as much about 80's basketball as you do, I only have my memory–which is admittedly not as good as yours. But..If I am losing an argument, I am not above kicking shins, or walking off the court early.

      8. You can add Barkley to that list of should have had rings but played in the Jordan era lol

      9. Steals are only a part of defense. That doesn't make Stockton a better defender.

        I don't hate the Jazz at all. It's also not like Isiah didn't compete against great players.

        Isiah was a horrendous executive with the CBA and the Knicks, but I don't see what that has to do with anything.

        Ultimately, I'd take Zeke over Stockton any day. You can debate about their respective abilities, but Isiah was a fiercer competitor. He's similar to Jordan and Kobe in that he'd punch an old lady to win a game of checkers.

      10. The part of my comment where I described Zeke as a horrible executive has no impact on my view of him as a player. It's simply a personal bias.

        As far as you hating the Jazz….I know you hate Karl Malone!!

        I hated that whole team. Actually, as a liberal, I hate the entire state of Utah, It is what it is, Im not defending it.

    1. Is it just me who finds it odd that 2 of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood were novelty rap acts in the 90's?

      Why hasn't Biz Markie made a kajillion dollars yet?

      1. Yeah, I know. But remember he beat out Shaq for the final spot….and of the two, only one had a hall of fame worthy career…..and it wasn't Laettner.

        Just think about that though, the Dream Team was so good, they passed on taking Shaq. The 2012 team is delusional.

      2. Stockton, Mullin, Bird….that's a better percentage than your average NBA team. At least it's not like the NHL where there's about one black guy for every 5 teams in the league.

    2. Your thoughts on David Stern wanting to put an age limit of 23 on the next team? I'm kinda meh but I don't think David Stern should be able to tell a current player regardless of age that they cannot participate in the Olympics. That should be up to the team that pays the contact. (See Blake Griffin)

  4. Paul Giamatti will always be Pig Vomit to me (Howard Stern Private Parts), Michael Cera will forever be George Micheal Bluth (Arrested Development), and Scarlett Johansson will remain that girls tits I saw that "one" time on the innerwebz.

    1. I used to think the same way about Paul Giamatti, since he did a great job in the Howard Stern movie, but then I watched John Adams (the HBO mini-series of the second president of the U.S.) Paul was amazing in that series. It completely overshadows everything I have ever seen him do. Being a U.S. history aficionado may cloud my judgment, but it was an excellent mini-series overall.


  5. Robert Englund is Freddy and Jackie Earle Haley who played Freddy in the craptacular remake is the rebel kid from Bad News Bears (who also happened to play Rorschach).

    Whenever I see Nick Stahl in something, I refer to him as the Jesus guy from Carnivale.

    I don't know if this counts, but I grew up with a guy named Mark Ruffalo who we nicknamed "Goof". So, I refer to the actor Mark Ruffalo as "Goof" sometimes.

    Ellen Page is the chick from Juno.

    A weird one for me is that even though I first saw Chris Meloni on Oz, I think of him as Stabler from SVU.

    And to paraphrase Gertrude Stein, The Rock is The Rock is The Rock.

    1. WOOT!!

      I think I'm going to change my gravatar again. The one that I currently have doesn't really let you see LeBron's reflection in that sweet, shiny O'Brien trophy.


      1. Well, I am supposed to hate the Yankees for some reason, but I am honestly indifferent about them. I used to think that way (Yanks are "buying a World Series" and "their unlimited spending habits is bad for baseball") but then I recalled the Marlins winning their first World Series in '97 with a "bought" team. My favorite was the '03 team that beat the Yankees (at Yankee Stadium, no less) was composed of a bunch of young "nobodies" against Joe Torre's all-star juggernaut. Because of that, and other similar happenings, I do not believe that you can "buy a winning team" (at least, not all the time). A championship team is about talent AND chemistry. (Allen vs. Rondo, anyone?) So, I do not believe that you can buy a championship (all the time, anyway).

        Furthermore, your example of the Yankees is very different from what happened with the Heat. You are comparing apples to oranges since there is no salary cap in baseball, the team that has the most money to throw around can theoretically land an all-star team (like the Yankees), whereas every basketball team has a salary cap and they have to be very creative to acquire said team because of the cap. What you have with the Heat are a group of players that conspired during the off season to get together in one place for the purpose of winning a championship, and they all took a pay cut to do it (including Ray Allen). That to me shows determination and selflessness. I don't think many of us here would be willing to take millions of dollars' worth of pay cuts for our jobs if we were given a choice.


        PS- I actually tried to imitate your Manning gravatar with LeBron and his trophy, but alas, I should have known that nobody on the Heat has Eli’s “pretty-boy” good looks. You probably don’t know this, but I’m relatively sure Miami has also won the NBA’s Ugliest-Looking Team award.

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