Olivia Munn’s Dual-Wielding PhDs

Olivia Munn had more lines than ever on the last episode of The Newsroom. Previously, I was floored that her character, Sloan Sabbith, has a PhD from Duke and is an adjunct professor at Columbia. That’s pretty unbelievable. This week it was revealed that her character has two PhDs. Wow. I know she’s acting and I realize this is fiction, but this has crossed the line from “pretty unbelievable” to “are you frickin’ kidding me?!?”. Believing a woman portrayed by Olivia Munn has two PhDs is akin to actually believing you can get super powers from radioactive spiders.

On the slightly more serious side, the Sloan Sabbith character actually developed this week. She’s supposed to be “the smartest person on the show”, but she lacks social skills and understanding. Normally, I would find this irresistibly charming, but the characterization underscores what a poor choice Munn was for this role. While there are many things wrong with Olivia Munn, she’s certainly charming and gregarious. She just doesn’t work as a socially awkward economics nerd, don’t you agree?

Author: RPadTV