Epic Reveals Fortnite Screens and Details at Comic-Con

As San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Epic Games revealed new screens and details for its upcoming PC game Fortnite. The company stated that this will be the first game to utilize Unreal Engine 4. Similar to the hugely popular MinecraftFortnite’s activities change depending on the time of day. In the daytime, players gather resources, explore, and work together to build elaborate forts. At nighttime, players have to defend their prized domiciles against baddies.

Obviously, the game will differ on a visual level. Where Minecraft charmed with its pixel art, Fortnite will aim to dazzle with cutting-edge tech. The art style is also playful and I think Epic is onto something here. There’s just something nostalgic about building a fort. I fondly remember building all sorts of (crappy looking) constructs with my friends when I was a kid. There’s something magical about transforming a refrigerator box into an impregnable fortress. If experiences like that were part of your childhood then there’s a great chance that Fortnite will resonate with you.

Check out the screens below and share your thoughts on Epic’s Fortnite.

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  1. I am happy that this will be a PC exclusive. I look forward to seeing Unreal Engine 4 on my rig.

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