Amazing Alex: Can Rovio Catch Lightning Twice?

Rovio’s Angry Birds is one of the most successful franchises in the history of mobile gaming. Will its recently released Amazing Alex reach similar heights? Like Angry BirdsAmazing Alex is a physics-based puzzle game, but instead of the epic birds vs. pigs war, you deal with everyday objects found in a kid’s room. I’ve played a bit of the game and found both the graphics and puzzles charming. However, I don’t think it has the “cute” factor that Angry Birds enjoyed. I’ve seen all kinds of Angry Birds merchandise used by people around the world. I sincerely doubt that Amazing Alex gear will be as popular. I’m sure Amazing Alex will do well, but I doubt it will resonate with people the way that Angry Birds did.

Of course I could be totally wrong. That’s where you come in! I’m sure that most of you have played Angry Birds. Do you think Rovio can catch lightning in a bottle twice with Amazing Alex?

Author: RPadTV

4 thoughts on “Amazing Alex: Can Rovio Catch Lightning Twice?”

  1. I didn't know this was out already. I'm going to play it and let you know what I think.

  2. Eh, Angry Birds did well because it wasn't hard to play. In fact, it is one of those games that anyone can pretty much pick up and start playing immediately. Amazing Alex looks a bit too complicated for that, and for that reason I don't think it will sell as well. It'll still make huge sums of cash, of course. But I doubt it'll do anywhere near as well as Angry Birds.

  3. Im going to DL and play it. Angry birds got on my nerves after awhile and i can use another game to play words with friends is geeting on my nerves. How do u tell ur friends u no longer want to play but in a nice way?

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