Monday Housekeeping: Back From Asia!

Howdy guys and dolls! Your friendly-neighborhood verbal-entertainer is back in America and it’s back to your irregularly scheduled programming. Thanks for posting comments while I was away. Special thanks to those of you that humored me in theĀ RPad.TV Google Messenger group while I was in Asia Town(s). It was a pretty emotional trip and I’m probably going to be wonky for a few weeks. I know that one of you is on a “finding my smile” trip and I completely empathize; I could use one of those. Hopefully the rest of you are doing well. I’m happy to be back and looking forward to enjoying your company once again. Now let’s get to it!!!

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      1. They do all kinds of things with them throughout the year. On the other side of that same rack, they had them with 3 eyes (mutants).I bet when Dark Knight Rises comes out, they'll make them more Jokerish since it was filmed here and all.

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