Coffee Talk #488: Michael Pachter and the JetBlue Guy

So yeah, there I was at the Wedbush Securities E3 2012 party (aka Pachter-Palooza) when this guy introduces himself to me. At first, I was disarmed by his shockingly low and booming voice. Two seconds later, I noticed his name tag said “JetBlue”, so I asked, “So, JetBlue…. What brings you to a videogame party?”…

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Please humor me as I share my favorite story from E3 2012. It’s not directly related to videogames, but it involves a prominent person in the business that many of you are familiar with. Now where’s that flashback transition??? (Imagine your own.)

So yeah, there I was at the Wedbush Securities E3 2012 party (aka Pachter-Palooza) when this guy introduces himself to me. At first, I was disarmed by his shockingly low and booming voice. Two seconds later, I noticed his name tag said “JetBlue”, so I asked, “So JetBlue…. What brings you to a videogame party?” To which he replied:

I’m a JetBlue flight attendant and I do the safety announcements on the flights. Michael Pachter was on one of my flights and he pulled me over and said, “You’re wasting your life on this airplane.” He invited me to this party and said he’d introduce me to some people to help me get into voice acting for games.

Now picture the above said by a god. I’m not talking about God god, but I’m not talking about crap gods either (Jeff god of biscuits, Simon god of hairdos, etc.). This man, Clint, spoke like a top-tier god. I’m talking Zeus, Odin, and cats like that. His voice was amazing.

What was more amazing (to me, anyway), was that Pachter took the time to chat with this fellow, invite him to a party attended by some gaming industry VIPs, and personally take him around to make connections (I saw him do this). Pachter is a pretty big deal in videogames and flight attendants…are not exactly adored. I thought it was cool, awesome, and touching that Pachter did so much for this random flight attendant.

In New York and (especially) Los Angeles, I’ve heard so many people say that they’re going to hook people up or help people out. Most of the time it’s just hot air. Seeing what Michael did for Clint was refreshing. It made me feel better about people. The big guy was actually helping out the little guy! And I believe the intentions were pure and simple too. The tale of Michael Pachter and the JetBlue guy is a beautiful story and my favorite from E3 2012.

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26 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #488: Michael Pachter and the JetBlue Guy”

  1. Wow! Thats an awesome move by Pachter! I hope u keep a track of this guy and let us know what game he does a voice over on.

    1. I want to see this in real life. Maybe Marshawn Lynch against the Saints' defense?


      1. Yeah. That's exactly what I was thinking about, but I wasn't expecting the hilarity of thesound effects.

        "maybe the Saints should have put a bigger bounty on him"
        (best comment!)


  2. Damn. That story sounds like something out of a movie. It seems borderline unbelievable. If I ever get around to meeting Mike Pachter, I'm going to introduce myself in my best "Barry White" voice.

    Also; NO! Don't do it. From personal experience, I can tell you that it is a very, very, very, berry (sorry, it's the Cuban accent), very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very bad idea to meet your ex-girlfriend in a club you guys used to frequent. Nothing good will come of it… at least, not long term, anyway.


  3. How am I just now hearing this story? That's awesome! I hope things work out for him. VO, like most entertainment gigs, is about knowing the right people. But a VO demo can grab attention in one minute, and if this guy is as dynamic as you say he's got a good shot.

  4. Pachter is a great guy. He messaged me via twitter wishing me luck on taking the CPA exam. Definitely a guy I'd buy a beer for.

  5. So… uh… big basketball game tonight. I'll be sure to snap a few pictures and see if I can post the victory celebration photos here.

    Just remember that in a previous "Coffee Talk" I said the Heat would win in 5. I'm thinking that the final score is going to be something like 98-91.

    Can't wait to change my gravatar to LeBron's blinged-out championship ring.

    I can understand why the rest of the country hates the guy, but nobody can deny the guy's raw talent. He deserves a ring because he is (to quote a famous wrestler) just that… damn… good. Wooooooooooooooooo!


  6. I am insanely jealous that you get to be there tonight. Meanwhile I can't even watch the game because I have to work tonight.

    1. This is why smartphones were invented… I'm sure there's got to be a way to watch the game on your phone.


      1. I ended up just recording the game and watching it after work. There probably was some way to find it on my phone, but work is way too busy to be able to actually watch something like that.

  7. I'm going to be reading The Dark Knight Returns, playing the predator maps in Batman AC, and helping my friend work on his hearse. Just some light engine work tomorrow, but eventually he will have it on 40 inch tires so it will look something like this

    1. Haha. Neat. I love that kind of stuff. We are actually thinking about taking a class where you build an 18 foot wooden boat.

      1. That would be pretty cool. My friend is all by land though, so boats are out of the question, and he and his family have a lot of Jeeps as well. Working on stuff like that is pretty standard for them, and the hearse has also been one of his projects for a while now.

  8. This weekend I'm gonna do the Secret World beta again. It's pretty neat.

    Thinking about buying Sniper Elite V2. Reminds me of Silent Scope. I liked the demo and the X-ray carnage.

  9. Ray wanted me to tell you guys that he has been reading that 50 shades of grey book.

    We may not hear from him for awhile.

    1. I work in an office full of women and they are all reading that book. It's funny in that they actually ask if I can close my office door so they can talk about it.

      1. My sister is reading that book after a friend of hers told her about it. She was explaining it to me and I really wished she hadn't.

        Basically it's a woman's fantasy story about some bitch who changes a messed-up guy (Mr. Grey?). The hook is that the book explains a lot of the sexual adventures in very, very graphic details… so something like an erotic woman's novel. I think the reason that chicks dig it so much is not just because of the graphic (deviant) sexual acts that are described in vivid detail, but because the woman in the story falls for this guy and changes him from a pervert to… uh… something more "worthy" I guess.


      2. Yes I've heard of plenty who do. My wife is also reading this book so I've seen bits and pieces of some of the scenes it sets up…frankly I don't think it's that shocking, and I really think most guys would feel that way because more men than women have watched porn in their lifetime. I didn't know the woman changed the guy eventually, so that must be the "quality story" that I've heard women mention about the story as a whole. Just goes to show the entire thing really is just the fantasy of the lonely housewife who wrote the damn books.

  10. Thats a pretty sweet story man. Thats why you should always put you're best foot forward. Imagine if Clint was having a poopy day and half assed his job, would Michael have noticed?

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