WTF: Thai Colgate Salt Fresh Multi-Vitamin

Salt Fresh Multi-Vitamin Colgate — this is what happens when you’re not paying attention to what you’re buying in a Thai Family Mart. I needed toothpaste. I know the Colgate brand. The box was shiny. Ergo, I made the purchase. Had I been paying closer attention, I would never have bought this vile (so-called) toothpaste. It was the strangest thing I put in my mouth since that time in Cabo when…uhm, never mind that. This toothpaste is gross! Salt?!? Really?!? I want to meet the genius that said, “Hey, know what we should do? Let’s make a toothpaste with a shockingly strong and salty flavor. The people will love it!”

Please let my experience be a warning for all of you. Never buy Salt Fresh Multi-Vitamin Colgate. This is probably the best advice I’ve given in years.

Author: RPadTV

5 thoughts on “WTF: Thai Colgate Salt Fresh Multi-Vitamin”

  1. I can't read anything except Colgate!

    Note to self: use only listerine when in Asia.

  2. Actually, it's truly not a bad option. Read up on it if you can, but all oral germ colonies can be killed with salt gargle and physical bristle action.

  3. Just tried this again to remind myself how horrible it is (and also to not waste it). It's toothpaste that helps you check your gag reflex. Blech.

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