E3 2012: Razer Booth Tour

Razer had three sweet products to show at E3 2012: the Battlefield 3-inspired BlackShark headset, the Taipan ambidextrous gaming mouse, and the Project Artemis concept controller for MechWarrior. RPad.TV’s┬áJustin Leeper got the scoop on all three of these products from Razer’s Simone Seow. Check out the goods in the video below and let me know what you think of them in the comments section (please!).

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3 thoughts on “E3 2012: Razer Booth Tour”

  1. Yes, I can actually confirm that the headset does look similar to a David-Clark headset because I used to actually owned two of them. I would really like to know the price on them because I would love to try them out. I'm not crazy about the color, though.

    The Mechwarrior online control looks like an updated Steel Battalion controller. No one bought that one and no one will buy this one from Razer (sorry to tell you). If you want community feedback then listen to this: Don't waste your valuable company resources on an overly-elaborate niche controller that you can't sell below $200. It's a really cool conversation piece and one hell of a tech demo, but it is definitely not mass marketable.


    P.S.- Good job, Justin.

    1. Thank you, sir.
      I agree on the Mechwarrior controller. Not sure where the market is for that. Interesting how Razer is actively looking for feedback, in part to gauge interest.
      Maybe Nintendo saw it since their booth was close, and they'll commission Razer to make something similar for them with the Wii U controller where the placeholder screen currently resides.

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