Razer BlackShark Review (Video)

Kindly check out this video review of the Razer BlackShark Battlefield 3 gaming headset. This baby features enhanced bass response and a unique aviator style. As RPadholic Iceman pointed out, the BlackShark looks very similar to David Clark headsets used by many helicopter pilots. Some of you will remember this headset from this E3 2012 Razer booth tour. You can see the full specs here.

Overall, I loved the BlackShark’s looks and was impressed by its comfort level. However, there could be some audio issues depending on if you use your headset for certain genres of music and certain types of movies. Also, the price for this stereo headset is up there with competing 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound models.

Check out the review and let me know what you think of the Razer BlackShark (please!).

Author: RPadTV


2 thoughts on “Razer BlackShark Review (Video)”

  1. Aside from the good looks, I find it troubling that you couldn’t get it to work with your MacBook Pro (because I have one too) and at $130, it’s just too pricey to use for just gaming.

    Although I would really prefer wireless, people tell me that wired headsets are better.


    1. The sound works with the MacBook, but not the microphone. Generally speaking, wired is better for any precision connection. Audio, definitely. Even for gaming, a lot of pro-gamers use wired mice because they’re more precise than wireless ones, due to the direct connection.

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