Which Avenger Would You Most Like to Drink With?

You’ve read the review. You’ve seen the incredible box office numbers. Now it’s time to take this all-important poll! Which Avenger would you most like to drink with? Would you want to pick the ingenious mind of Tony Stark/Iron Man? Would you want to hear about the good old days from Captain America? For many, the amazingly sexy Black Widow is the obvious choice. As for me, I’m going with Thor. Dude is a chick magnet; I’d gladly take his hand-me-downs. Plus, his godly strength makes him invaluable in a bar fight. Most importantly, his Norse constitution ensures that you always have a safe ride home.

How about you? Which Avenger would you choose as a drinking buddy?

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8 thoughts on “Which Avenger Would You Most Like to Drink With?”

  1. Thor, because I'd want to get firsthand accounts of norse cosmology more than I want to experience striking out with Scarlett Johansson. I notice Hulk, but not Bruce Banner, was on the list. Had Bruce been on the list, I might have gone with him.

  2. Tony Stark is the ultimate "drinking buddy". He's a funny, billionaire, playboy, chick magnet who flies around town fighting crime thanks to help of the cool gadget he's made. Plus, he doesn't have the added emotional baggage of his parents being shot by a thug in some random back alley and an irrational fear/fascination of bats.

    Also, I'd be a lot more scared of a guy in a big metal suit with weapons than a lunatic dressed in black and grey tights with an assortment of non-leathal toys.


  3. Well apparently I voted for Thor, but I don't think he would really be my choice. Of course if Spider-Man were in the Avengers movie I would choose him, and I don't think Tony Stark is someone I would really hang out with. Captain America always seems like a stand up guy to be around, but I think Hawkeye would actually have to my ultimate choice.

      1. And I would've totally have been trying to nail black widow all through high school

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