The Avengers Assembles Record-Breaking Box Office Numbers

Some of you will be shocked by this news: The Avengers¬†movie did well. The movie picked up an estimated $200.3-million over the weekend in Canada and the United States. The global figure is estimated to be $641.8-million. The numbers support what I’ve been saying for decades: Hawkeye brings in the dough. Here’s more The Los Angeles Times:

The Joss Whedon-directed movie, riding stellar reviews and a tsunami of Twitter love, piled up $200.3 million at theaters in the U.S. and Canada, according to an estimate from Disney. That total, which beat the $169.2-million record set during the opening weekend of 2011’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, was turbocharged by pricier IMAX and 3-D tickets. About 52% of those who saw the movie opted to shell out a few extra bucks to watch it in 3-D. IMAX theaters even ran out of seats to sell to moviegoers.

The North American box office total added to an already unfolding global success story; playing in 52 international markets, the movie collected $151.5 million this weekend, raising its tally abroad to $441.5 million. That means that after just two weeks in release, The Avengers already has sold $641.8-million worth of tickets, jumping past The Hunger Games on the ranking of top-grossing 2012 releases worldwide.

One interesting side-note is that the one of the reasons for the movie’s tremendous success is that it’s performing well with women. Comic-book nerd movies usually appeal to guys, but some polls show that 40 percent of the peeps that saw The Avengers¬†over the weekend were women. This supports my theory that Hawkeye brings in the ladies. Others believe that a strong female heroine like Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and Joss Whedon’s track record with women (Buffy, Angel, etc.) were the main reasons an unusually high percentage of females saw The Avengers. I like my reasoning better.

Any of you surprised by the success of The Avengers?


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8 thoughts on “The Avengers Assembles Record-Breaking Box Office Numbers”

  1. I don't know many women who actually know who Joss Whedon is, and I do know women who have watched Buffy and Angel. My wife is the only woman I know, who knew who he was, and that's only because she is pretty interested in screenwriting.

    Also, I don't really know what the female opinion on Scar Jo is because again I don't know a single woman who likes her. The three women I saw the movie with all said that they were surprised that they liked her in the movie. Because of that, I will agree with you that it was Hawkeye that pulled in the female audience.

  2. I disagree. I believe that Agent Phil "Agent" Coulson was the reason that all the ladies liked the movie. He is, after all, the most relatable character in the movie. ;)


  3. My wife is kinda tomboyish, so she was in it for a badass action flick, and my daughter (who's 6) was in it for the Hulk.

    The ladies who don't tell you their in it for Chris Hemsworth, are actually in it for Chris Hemsworth.

  4. I disagree with Black Widow being a draw. Unless she gets naked like the girls on the internet, she could have been omitted for all I care.

  5. Actually my sisters went to go see it for Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo but ended up enjoying the movie too; the best part since I had dragged them to the other movies they understood the plot better and had no questions besides the thanos teaser and what where or what they were eating at the end.

  6. Although Hawkeye is pretty awesome, I have not heard a single one of my friends go "Oooo, look at that guy with the bow! Isn't he just gorgeous? I wanna stroke his biceps!" Nope, every single last one was ogling Thor's muscles.

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